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New Kids on the Safari Circuit

New places always make us look at life differently. There is a delicious rush of discovery and adventure when a new camp opens on the Safari circuit. These are the new camps we are excited about in 2019. New in… READ ARTICLE

Making Jetlag Work for You

Can Jet lag be prevented? As is true with many common problems, everyone has an opinion and a lot of advice. And, as is true with common remedies some of the medicine will work for some of the people some… READ ARTICLE

The Hotels where our Travel Designers *most* love Staying around the World

Feel-good properties from all around the globe. Find out why some of our Travel Designers want to stay here. Miavana, Madagascar Why we 💗 it so Miavana offers just the right frame for experiencing the endless fascination of The Great… READ ARTICLE

What Leora won’t Travel Without

Travel secrets can be very specific to every individual. One person's travel pillow is another's completely unnecessary extra. Our Travel Designers are always on the road. Traveling long distances, to countries where you can't simply nip out to the shop… READ ARTICLE


Let's face it. Travel catastrophes are not up our alley. Instead, we have made a business out of avoiding them. And a great way of staying on top of traveling cleverly is by keeping our ear to the ground about… READ ARTICLE

Something Happened by Lynne Bolduc

Lynne Bolduc and her husband traveled to Africa with Rothschild Safaris following an incredible story of survival. She regularly sends us tales of her travels with us. Reading her true Safari stories is a great way to put yourself in… READ ARTICLE

Why Zambia…

If you are looking for personal service, having the bush to yourself and coming eye-to-eye with all the big and little game… we have the perfect location for you. Zambia is a big, remote, incredibly lush land filled with kind… READ ARTICLE

Zambia for Travelers

Zambia has you intrigued and mentally counting the pages in your passport and your vacation days. We understand. And so we thought we would tell you everything you needed to know before you go: Airports: There are two airports that… READ ARTICLE

The Rothschild Safaris Guide to our Top 6 Safari Properties in Zambia

It is difficult not to play favorites with Safari Properties in Zambia. But it is also impossible to pick only ONE favorite, favorite - so instead, we give you Six! Chinzombo Back in the 1970s, the old Chinzombo Camp was… READ ARTICLE

Zambia is like nothing else on Earth

Director Ryan Coogler overheard a Zambian actor talking about his home country on the Black Panther set. He immediately knew he had to incorporate aspects of this land into the film. It was a decision he would not regret. Because,… READ ARTICLE

Spontaneous Travel Plans

If you aren’t the world’s best Type A, Plan-aholic, Micromanager you can stop reading now. If you are still reading you have to know that spontaneous travel is a trend for 2019 and this is why you should consider it:… READ ARTICLE

Experiences not Things

Why should you spend your money on experiences instead of things? Because experience affluence is a better predictor of happiness. And that is always a good reason. Meggan from our Denver, Colorado Office hard at work… READ ARTICLE

Will Travel For Food

So. We heard Culinary Travel will be big in 2019. Just color us very smug already (because culinary is practically our middle name and we have been booking locations for food for the last two decades). At Rothschild Safaris we believe… READ ARTICLE

Bucket list Hotels

Remember mix tapes? Those wondrous gifts of curation where every addition to the tape was carefully considered and added only if it carried maximum meaning. Think of this bucket list of properties as our mixtape for 2019. Morocco The Royal… READ ARTICLE

Family Friendly Adventures

They say there are only two ways to travel: First Class or With Children. We beg to differ (we can be difficult like that). Nothing but the best will do for our traveling families. At Rothschild Safaris we believe a… READ ARTICLE

Leora Takes a Family Safari

One very cool side-effect of being African? You get invited to African weddings! And this year we spent a week on the wild coast of Transkei attending one of the most epic family weddings ever. The entire family pitched in.… READ ARTICLE

Adventure Travel Tips for Family

There aren't many family-friendly destinations that also say 'once in a lifetime'. But our standards are very high and you can be assured that our roundup of the countries that top our family trip wish list will deliver! As Travel +… READ ARTICLE

What Kids Really think about Going on Safari

Out of the mouth of babes... The only way to be sure kids are loving our Safaris? Ask them! We are used to speaking to adults and designing their dreams... but often kids are part of our Safari families.   When… READ ARTICLE

27 things to know before you visit Peru

When the road is long, even slippers feel tight. Peruvian proverb Most of us have heard of Ceviche. We have had a Pisco Sour… and we have seen a million images of Machu Picchu. But when a country offers every… READ ARTICLE

All the Excuses you need to put Peru on your Bucket list

One day you will wake up and there wont be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now. Paulo Coelho   It is almost impossible to ignore the idea of having a bucket list. Part… READ ARTICLE

More to Peru than Machu Picchu

We know. You hear Peru and you think Machu Picchu. We understand. It is difficult to ignore one of the Seven Wonders of the World. But we are asking you to suspend your disbelief and learn what the rest of… READ ARTICLE

The Secrets of Peru ~ by Caren Banks

A Rothschild Safaris guide to traveling to Peru {Our lovely Caren Banks recently traveled to Peru on a fact-finding mission. She returned with all the important 'have to know' tips.) Lima Most international flights arrive at night and if at… READ ARTICLE

7 Crazy Facts about Travel Agents that 90% of Travelers Do Not Know

The first rule of travel: Put on your oxygen mask before assisting others. We have so many clients who call us when they have reached a state of full confusion about their travel ideas. Some started planning and then got… READ ARTICLE

In the Land of the Elephants ~by Leora Rothschild

We all know someone who just has the gift of the gab and can sell ice to Inuits. This is not how we do it at Rothschild Safaris because the only reason I started selling Safaris (and never stopped) is… READ ARTICLE

Big Five. Legends of our Time

In 1990 South Africa redesigned its Rand bank notes. Replacing royalty, explorers, and heads of state, the new money featured the heads of five distinctive animals known as 'The Big Five'. The gold standard for game viewing on the luxury… READ ARTICLE

At the Edge of Serenity

There is a fine line between luxury and boredom. Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge walks it like a world-class slackliner. Imagine a place where you find yourself emerged in one of Africa’s last remaining pristine wildernesses. Now visualize the wilderness following… READ ARTICLE

Victoria Falls

One of 7 wonders of the Natural World Victoria Falls is the biggest sheet of falling water on earth. It is 1.5 times wider and twice as high as Niagara Falls in the United States. And at just over a mile… READ ARTICLE

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10 Reasons to Choose a Bath on Safari

10 scientifically proven health benefits for choosing to take a bath:  Your heart will thank you for it.  Yes, we know it will beat a little faster at the mere sight of one of these beauties, which might scare you… READ ARTICLE

The 5 Thousand Star Bed

What could possibly be more exotic than falling asleep under a sky ablaze with falling stars? Nothing. Unless… Are we allowed to call it a tie with waking up to heartbreakingly clear blue skies in the morning? The idea of… READ ARTICLE

The Hippo Avoidance Strategy by Lynne Bolduc

Staying along the Zambezi River in Zambia at Chongwe River Camp offered the unique opportunity of canoeing. I simply had to try it. Right before sunset, my husband, Greg and I were taken by motorboat from our chalet to a… READ ARTICLE

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