George recently returned from a Family Safari in Southern Africa, and he had some amazing sightings!

What was your most memorable experience?

The first night bush drive at Tintswalo when we came across a small pride of lions who had recently killed a wildebeest and about 5 were eating it as an additional 3-4 were in the background and 20+ hyenas were waiting to get what might be left. We were in the vehicle only about 20 feet away as darkness fell and we watched all unfold.

What was the biggest surprise?

How terrific the lodging was and how nice everyone in the various countries was to us. We also did not have a travel glitch.

What advice you would give to other travelers?

I would pack less and advise them that all camps will do laundry, including undergarments and ask for more detail on transfers and timing.

Who would you recommend this trip to? 

Friends and anyone interested in a safari and exploring other parts of the continent.