Leora – Getting married on a private island in Victoria Falls with hippos frolicking in the background was incredible! But just have to sneak one more in ... taking my children with me to all these amazing places to test out the camps and experiences specifically aimed at kids is right up there, too.  

Angela P – If you have not yet experienced sleeping out in a starbed in Africa, let me set the scene; a couple of miles away from the lodge, just you and your better half, a picnic basket, a bottle of wine, a flashlight and a two-way radio. This is one of the most exhilarating experiences that hubby and I have experienced in the Bush. We were dropped off after our evening game drive at our pre-booked sleepout (Starbed). Spending the night elevated in a treehouse in the middle of the bush with only the sounds of the hyena calling. The Milky way felt so close whilst we lay in our cosy bed looking up at the night sky. I must admit, it was also one of the best nights sleep I have had in Africa, and I live here.’ 

Pam – I have been very fortunate to have had so many amazing experiences through the years, but I have to say that my primate treks (chimp and gorilla trekking in Uganda and golden monkey trekking in Rwanda) has to be at the top of the list in terms of my most memorable experiences. Even though they are so different in terms of how strenuous each trek is, or the species you get to encounter, or the terrain you will traverse – each of these treks delivered magic in its own way! 

Kim K – ‘Low level helicopter scenic flight over the Okavango Delta, Botswana stopping for a sundowners on an island in the middle of nowhere.’  

Meggan – ‘riding in a helicopter over the Okavango Delta. Being able to see animals in their natural habitat from up in the air is such a cool feeling and experience.’ 

Melissa – ‘Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania – I was staying on a private island on Lake Tanganyika that had its own helicopter. The day started with a scenic flight over the most stunning waterfall I have ever laid eyes on, followed with the pilot of the helicopter handing the flight reigns over to me (both exhilarating and terrifying) before we touched down on an adjacent island for a champagne breakfast and a swim. Before heading back to the private resort, the pilot allowed us to jump OUT of the helicopter into the water…AMAZING! From there, we went back to the resort to rest and relax before heading out that afternoon on a private boat that traveled the water. We stopped so we could swim in one of the deepest sections of the lake….which was VERY deep. We enjoyed afternoon cocktails as the sun started to lower. The boat moored off a different private island where we got off and had dinner with tiki torches and a incredible beach dinner. It was such an unexpected and unusual day in Africa.’ 

Ashley – ‘Baby Lions!  Both in South Africa and Botswana I saw lions that were mere months old.  To watch them and see how fierce they thought they were – their little growls, roars and pounces put a smile on my face larger than I thought possible.  I could have watched them all day long’ 

Victoria – ‘One of my favorite memories was spending Thanksgiving Day on the plains of the Serengeti and watching a cheetah chow on its feast for the day. Bonus: we were the only vehicle in sight!’ 

Viji – ‘Helicopter ride to Mt. Everest base camp and landing on kalapathar was an incredible experience. Experiencing Blue skies, clear view of 1400 kms of the Himalayan range is not something that one signs up for. Up at that altitude a gust of wind can change the course of one’s experience. To experience it all leaves you feeling totally humbled and almost a feeling of having experienced a hand of god.’ 

Ruthie – ‘I had the unique opportunity to go on a Rhino Conservation Safari at Kwandwe Reserve in South Africa. I joined a team of specialist rangers in a safari vehicle while a team of experts from a helicopter darted a mother rhino and her calf. Once the rhinos were sedated and safe to approach, we administered necessary medicine to the two rhinos. I touched these magnificent gentle creatures and felt their soft smooth ears and their thick rough skin, like canvas on a tent. I cried tears of joy as we watched the rhino mom and her calf reunite and run off into the bush together. I will always cherish this once in a lifetime safari experience!’ 

‘Outside of Africa, I got to “hang out” with sloths at a research lodge in the coastline jungle of Costa Rica. 

Angie M – ‘a helicopter flight to a private island for a surprise lunch while staying at an exclusive luxury resort in Mozambique, the second largest island in the Bazaruto Archipelago, the view of the ocean from the helicopter was just breathtaking’. Just that morning I had interacted with the elephants at Camp Jabulani in South Africa, being so up close and personal with the giants of Africa is just Incredible!.’ What an amazing day. 

Kim B – I was in Hwange National Park, and we had seen some amazing game, including a beautiful cheetah family. During the day, we saw nine beautiful lion cubs and their mothers. Somehow, despite major sightings throughout the day, we had not seen a male lion. After the very full day, staff and guests were around a fire, enjoying delicious drinks and the amazingly bright stars above us as we swapped tales about the days sightings. Suddenly, we could hear a roar- it was a male lion, and very close to camp! Our guide asked if we wanted to go to try to find him, which of course we did, so everyone jumped into the vehicle and stayed very quiet. We found the paw print, but the male lion once again eluded us. The experience of the impromptu evening game drive and the camaraderie was incredible. While we didn’t find our male lion, we did see a pack of wild dogs

Jessica – ‘Riding camels in Morocco whilst watching the sunset over the Erg Chegaga dunes.’