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IMAGINE THIS…The thrill of watching your child see their first wild elephant so close they could almost touch it, floating silently in a hot air balloon above herds of wildebeest and zebra, mini rangers course learning how to track wild animals, sitting around a campfire watching a traditional ceremony, sleeping under the stars and so the list goes on...
Every one of our family trips are custom planned around your specific interests, travel style and various ages. We do it all, be it a mother and daughter trip or multigenerational family groups.


We are woken up early with hot chocolate & freshly baked pastries (not the green stuff mom gives me back at home…that’s when I know this is going to be a really cool trip).

Off on our first game drive, we see lots of wildebeest & zebras. Our guides tell us all about the migration. He said over 2 million of them are now crossing the river searching for food, this is a very special time to be here. I knew that.

Stop for more hot chocolate, scones and a ‘loo’ break

Back on the drive, this is awesome! We come across a Treehouse – one of our nights will be spent right here!


We head back to camp for a delicious lunch, there is so much food and always lots of treats. Mom is not too happy about the treats but she said we are on holiday so it's ok.


After lunch we enjoy some beading with the Masai ladies, this is so much fun!

A stop at a rhino rehabilitation center, this rhino was found alone after its mom had been poached, they are taking care of it here until it's strong enough to be released into the wilderness, I got to feed it milk.

I also got to feed the elephant at the rehab center. It was so amazing to be so close to it, I was a bit scared though, but our guide was next to me all the time.

Weeeee look at me, I get a ride on a camel, I am so lucky, I love it here please don’t end…

We love our guide he teaches us about all the cool things in the bush, the little things that you don’t get to experience from the vehicle, like what you find in elephant dung, its sounds icky but was really quite cool


Mom and I went out on a tracking mission with the anti-poaching team and got to experience how they track down poacher. I love how they are protecting the rhinos. I loved to learn all about rhinos on this trip.


I love “sundowners.” This is a special time in the bush as it is when the sun is setting, normally all sorts of beautiful colors The adults get a special wine drink and I get to choose a special drink for myself; I try all sorts of kid friendly cocktails!


Back at camp they let me wander through the organic veggie garden, pick my own veggies and then I get to cook in the kitchen with the veggies I picked. We make red pasta with the beetroot from the garden, so much fun!



I Get to bed with my cookies and warm milk, I am quickly getting used to this lifestyle.


After breakfast and a morning game drive, we board our aircraft to our next destination.


Our pilot lets me “try” my hand at flying – yeeha!


Welcome arrival at camp, we settle into our next camp, we are here for 3 nights.  We then dig into another delicious lunch.


After lunch we head to a Masai village. After I took photos with my cell phone the children all wanted to see what they looked like, they were so excited.  It’s funny to think these children don’t have cameras. They were so happy, I loved meeting the children from this village.

We went to a clinic, a lady had just given birth to a baby, it was one hour old! The clinic was very basic, I could not believe how different this was to our hospitals. The baby was wrapped in a towel, it was so sweet.

Off to the local market, this is where the locals come to sell their goods everything from beads to goats & chickens – It’s very cool, the people here seemed to enjoy us as much as we enjoyed meeting them!

I visited a school, I felt a bit embarrassed the children were all looking at me, it was amazing but scary too. I got to see what they were studying. Their classrooms are so different to mine back home. Mom kept reminding me how I should appreciate my school and all we have.

After high tea back at the camp we headed out again on a bush walk to the ancient forest with a 600 year old tree, I have never seen anything like this before, I am super pleased I never missed out on the 2.5 hour walk to experience this! We found a branch and made a swing out of it.

I am not missing out on one thing, I record everything in my diary. I don’t ever want to forget this.

Memories forever – “Mom, can Jossilyn and I meet up in Africa again next year ?”

Thank you Mom, this was the best trip ever!!!

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