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Our Business is always Personal

Because your dream safari should be a reflection of your interests, passions, and budget, not someone else's. With over 20 years of experience in planning unique Safari experiences, we understand the travel business is always personal.

We have Been there & Done that

Mention a lodge, hotel or destination and we have more than likely been there. Collectively, we have traveled on hundreds of trips and experienced camps and lodges from the low end right up to the ultra luxurious, we believe this is the only way to guarantee that all your needs are met.

We hold no Ownership in any lodge, camp or Safari company

This means we are completely unbiased and free to recommend any lodging in Africa for you. Rothschild Safaris will never try to sell you on a camp or lodge because we have a stake in it.

You prefer to Maximize your Travel Dollar

We provide expert advice on where to save and where to spend.

Imagine the thrill of your child seeing their first wild elephant, learning how to track animals from a Kalahari Bushman or experiencing the giant Galápagos tortoises. Travel is the world’s best education and nothing will broaden your child’s horizons like an African Safari, Galápagos cruise or a trip down the Amazon.

Immerse yourself in the culture of a country or region. Accompany the Hadza Bushmen in Tanzania, visit a Maasai boma in Kenya or visit the townships of Cape Town or Soweto in Johannesburg. Explore the genius of the ancient Inca civilization at Machu Picchu in Peru. In India and Southeast Asia, participate in festivals bursting with the sights and sounds of ancient traditions and rituals. These can be the entire focus of your trip or add one or two of these activities to enhance the overall experience of your journey.

Do you dream of an unspoiled, undeveloped and unpopulated paradise? Where the beaches are a dazzling white, the ocean is warm and blue, and the diverse environment is pristine? Then you may enjoy a few nights on a post-bush beach safari at one of the many intimate resorts found on the exotic Indian Ocean islands.

Honeymoons and weddings in Africa or India are wildly romantic. Candlelit dinners on safari surrounded by the African bush, or watching the sun as it sets over the greatest monument to love on earth – the Taj Mahal. It’s all about creating intimate experiences in breathtaking locations with discreet but special treatment.

There is nothing else like it on earth. It is a spectacle of nature that is worthy of being named a natural wonder of the world. And our classic Migration Safaris do not have to be all about the millions of plains game either. Enjoy learning about the culture of the Maasai and the people who live in the Serengeti before you return home.

Stunning landscapes, rich cultural history, wildlife, fortresses, palaces, and temples all make for a photographer’s paradise. Elevate your photography to the next level with special photographic safaris. Travel in a small group with a professional photographer who knows the perfect lighting, exactly how a vehicle should be positioned and those special finishing techniques to get your own “National Geographic” shot.

Step out of the vehicle and onto the trail. If being active and adventurous is your style of travel, consider trekking through rainforest to come face to face with an endangered mountain gorilla, heli-hike on a glacier in New Zealand, canoe around pods of hippos as you paddle down the mighty Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, or follow the lion tracks on a walking safari in Zambia. Whatever the adrenaline rush you choose, indulge in the luxury of your lodge or camp at the end of the day, watch the sunset while sipping a cocktail and dine on world-class cuisine as you regale your fellow travelers with stories from your adventures.

Graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement. A time of new beginnings and new adventures. And what better way to celebrate these significant milestones than with travel. Whether you are traveling with a spouse or partner, a group of friends or a multi-generational family, highly personalized life-changing trips will guarantee memories that will last forever.

Experience the glamour of the bygone era of luxury train travel but with modern comfort and conveniences. Take in the stunning scenery of the Sacred Valley of the Incas as you roll towards Machu Picchu in Peru, travel like a maharaja while visiting the great temples and palaces of India, meander through landscapes that illustrate why South Africa is considered “a world in one country,” or ride Ecuador’s “railway in the sky” through the Avenue of the Volcanoes high in the Andes.

For the ultimate luxury trip, private charters can fly you into camps and lodges where you may have exclusive use of the entire property. Personal butlers and chefs will cater to your every need and your private guides will customize your day’s activities around your preferences.

Sometimes the best (and in certain cases only) mode of transportation into certain destinations is by boat. Sail through the Galápagos, disembarking on the numerous islands to get up close to the amazing wildlife that can be found nowhere else on earth. Cruise down the Nile visiting Egypt’s magnificent tombs and temples that line the river.

You have wanderlust but your family and friends don’t. So, set out on a solo journey where you will never be alone, or lonely for that matter. You’ll meet new people at each camp and lodge and will be fully taken care of every step of the way by guides, drivers and staff. Your trip will be customized specifically for you with accommodations that are small and intimate so you won’t feel lost in a crowd, and you have the option of communal dining and shared vehicles. You’ll return not only with fabulous memories and photos but perhaps some new friends - who love travel as much as you do - as well.

Immerse yourself in a travel experience that focuses on authentic experiences while sharing the companionship of like-minded travelers. Explore the greatest, most unique places on earth with a specialist guide.

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