Botswana is one of our favorite destinations for a family adventure. Viewing prolific wildlife while on safari is just one of many highlights. We design Botswana safari itineraries with the whole family in mind; stay in cozy, family-friendly camps and lodges that serve-up kid-friendly food and offer a wide range of activities specially designed for kids.


So yes, you absolutely can travel to Botswana with children. However, as you start planning, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

We’ll help you pick the right places to stay.

Not all camps and lodges in Botswana will allow children. The decision not to allow young children is usually a combination of safety, ensuring all guests have a high-quality experience, and economics.

Camps and lodges in Botswana are usually unfenced and many are built raised on high platforms, two features which are certainly not kid friendly. It is of course imperative that travelers remain quiet and calm in the presence of wildlife.


Be sure to tell us the ages of your children right from the start, so we can build an itinerary that is well suited for your family. While not all camps and lodges are suitable for children, many do welcome kids with open arms. By developing family-friendly sleeping quarters with multiple sleeping rooms for families, activities kids love and food kids will enjoy, like Zarafa Camp, one of our favorite camps in Botswana for families with kids 8 and older.

When on safari with kids, you’ll do more than just game drives.

As anyone who has been on safari in Africa knows, game viewing requires patience and silence. Compounded with long drives in sometimes hot and uncomfortable conditions, spending day after day on game drives isn’t always the best option for kids.


When planning to travel to Botswana with children, we like to mix things up a bit and include a range of ways for kids to view and learn about Africa’s wildlife. Botswana offers many excellent opportunities for families to get out of the safari jeep and walk in the bush, or explore in a mokoro or even hop on a horse and explore on horseback! Kids of all ages need variety, and as a team of parents ourselves, we specialize in custom crafting safaris in Botswana that keep everyone happy!

Make sure you are prepared for entering Africa with children.

After recent regulatory changes, parents traveling with children into South Africa and Botswana will need to provide some very specific documentation.

Documentation includes; an unabridged birth certificate for the child, a valid passport for the child, and if only one parent is traveling with the child a court order death certificate or affidavit confirming the absent parent has give permission for the child to travel. If the child is not traveling with a parent, additional documentation must be provided confirming parents have given the child permission to travel. Please contact us for full details.

Learn more about our Botswana Family Safaris here and contact us today to get started planning an epic family adventure!