Two things about Rothschild Safaris with Two Giraffes

This is what you will hear:

1. We have an office in Africa, America, and Australia. And staff who live in England and South America.

2. All our Travel Designers regularly travel to the properties we recommend.

Local Safari knowledge is our passion. For us this is not negotiable, our new clients often mention that they picked Rothschild Safaris because we have our finger on the pulse and our returning clients come back because we are on the ground.

Our clients are smart… and we believe our insistence on LOCAL KNOWLEDGE, that is also FIRST-HAND is absolutely key to our success.

How does local knowledge change your travel experience?

Let’s be practical for a moment. A Safari is not your usual vanilla holiday. Instead, the best experience lies somewhere between an adventure and an expedition. For this, you need:

An exceptional Travel Designer that is always highly organized. Juggling all the booking balls, while balancing widely divergent personalities they have a tight grip on every small detail of your trip. In the office, they are organizational gurus… Multitasking excellence is key but even if everything happens like clockwork on a holiday, guests are not guaranteed an epic trip.

So, rhythmic gymnastics is important but only a very small aspect of their work.

Understanding people and communicating clearly are more pieces of the puzzle. An exceptional Travel Designer is someone who has the magical ability to know what you need – sometimes even when you don’t understand it yourself.

Maasai jumpingSo, you want a psychologist with a sideline in fortune teaching.

But exceptional Travel Designers are also visionary dreamers… because unforgettable trips have to be crafted from dreams.

An oxpecker on a buckSo, they must inspire you.

But, sadly, a psychologist with a pack of Tarot cards who inspires you whilst performing rhythmic gymnastics still won’t guarantee the perfect journey.

The most important characteristic of your Travel Designer will always be an innate love of travel and exploration. At Rothschild Safaris we believe the only way we can fully understand the ambiance, service, and quality of a property to match it with you… is to live close to it and visit it. And then we continue to travel and visit properties year in and out.

Because, especially in Africa, things can change quickly.

We know this because we are FROM Africa. Water levels change, ownership changes, wildlife moves, political situations change, upgrades happen (or don’t) and guides may come and go.

When you travel to Africa or another adventurous destination you will most likely encounter infrastructure, culture, logistics, and laws you are not familiar with.

Traveling halfway across the earth to stay in accommodation only to be disappointed is our idea of misery.

Zebras on an African plainSo, you don’t want to rely on thirdhand knowledge. What you want is a local expert… with a network of tried and trusted support and suppliers.

This will protect your tailor-made trip and constantly back you up while you are traveling.

But most of all.

It will make your dreams come true.

Images via ray ruiWade LambertValerie Boschsutirta budimanChen HuPawan Sharma