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Our all girl team is powerful, passionate and love what they do!

1. If we have not personally experienced it, we won’t recommend it.

How many hours have you spent researching accommodations or locations only to be disappointed upon arrival? We don’t rely on pretty marketing pictures to “sell” a property… if we haven’t slept in the beds, eaten the food or gone on the safari, we won’t recommend it. For trips as special as going to Africa, we don’t leave anything to chance… especially post Covid, the trip should be everything you dreamed it to be!

2. Peace of mind.

We walk you through the entire trip planning process with detailed instructions, gentle reminders and a friendly voice that is always there to help. There are so many more things to consider with travel during Covid, and we give you the peace of mind to leave it to us.

3. Up-to-date + limitless contacts on the ground.

We provide a respite from having to understand and plan for the myriad of evolving international travel rules. We stay up to date on ever-changing travel details like visa acquisitions, border closures and health screens and have limitless contacts on the ground in case we need to navigate changes quickly.

4. We arrange the Covid tests-you sit back and enjoy.

We seamlessly arrange Covid tests throughout your itinerary so you have more time to enjoy your trip. Whether we fly a doctor to you or escort you to a clinic for a scheduled Covid appointment, we are with you every step of the way.

5. Our travel team is with you 24/7.

We have a travel team that truly ADVISES you from the first phone call to the end of your trip. Now, more than ever, you should have a travel team that is there for you when you need them most. From a simple packing question to a time sensitive Covid issue, we are there for you, and with you 24/7.

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6. Best time to travel, what to pack, covid health concerns – thats our job.

We have made travel our life! You shouldn’t spend hours sifting through frustrating websites to try find the answers about “the best time of year to travel”, ”what to pack”, or “Covid health considerations”…That’s our job and our passion.

7. We have been on the ground throughout the pandemic experiencing first hand.

We aren’t speculating on what the traveler experience is during Covid, we’ve been sending people to Africa throughout the pandemic and safely returning people home with a heart full of memories to share.

8. Booking through Rothschild = giving back to the local communities.

We donate funds to support the local communities and wildlife organizations in the regions we travel each time a trip is booked. You are giving back to communities simply by traveling with us to Africa.

9. No hidden fees, no surprises.

Nobody likes hidden fees… and neither do we. We provide trips that are tailored to your budget and your preferences, ensuring that our safaris are inclusive of park fees, taxes, conservation levies and even tipping should you wish, so there aren’t any surprises during your trip.

10. Our personal connections are seen and felt.

We have over twenty years under our belts planning safaris. We’ve built amazing relationships with a plethora of lodges, camp owners and properties in Africa. Our personal connections are seen and felt in the service our travellers receive.Leora & School Kid

Images via Rothschild Safaris