All of the writing about flying on safari is reminding me of my last day of safari at Linyanti Camp in the Okavango Delta in Botswana, where I was surprised with a very special treat – the opportunity to go on safari by helicopter!

The camp managers announced the surprise over a (tasty) lunch, so I hopped in the swimming pool for a few moments of relaxation before meeting at the appointed place to begin my helicopter safari.

We met with Rob, our helicopter pilot and guide. He gave us a quick safety briefing before we jumped into the door-less helicopter and put on our earphones to hear Rob talk after take-off.


In a whoosh of air, we were off the ground, overlooking the maze of river and trees below us. The flow of water from the Chobe River would be permanently obstructed with vegetation without the help of hippos and elephants cutting channels and pathways through the water, something we were able to see in action from the air. The ride was surprisingly smooth as we scouted out herds of elephants and pods of hippos munching on the grass below. Another group also found a giant crocodile!

Seeing Botswana from the air was a lovely ending to a beautiful safari.