Anyone who would pick up, start running, and complete an ultra marathon is, as you can imagine, quite dedicated.

So it’s no surprise then, upon meeting Jamie Gaymer, the head of Conservation at Ol Jogi Conservancy, that he is one incredibly dedicated guide and conservationist. Ol Jogi is one of the most exclusive safari experiences in all of Africa, between an opulent private home and massive, private conservancy to explore on safari, but it’s the conservation work that Jamie will thrill in telling you about.

Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy

Ol Jogi is home to over 80 endangered rhino. In fact, conservancies from around Kenya and East Africa are sending them rhino so this number continues to grow. Protecting these endangered creatures take a lot of work – and a lot of money – and Ol Jogi has proven one of the best on the continent in successfully protecting them; largely thanks to Jamie Gaymer.

Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy Which brings us back to running ultra marathons. Jamie recently completed an ultra marathon in Peru as part of the Running for Rangers team. This unique organization has guides like Jamie taking part in some of the hardest, most challenging endurance events on the planet, in an effort to draw attention not only to the plight of Africa’s wildlife and the poaching crisis, but the hardships and dangers the rangers are exposed to in trying to protect our wildlife – and in doing so, raise funds that go directly towards rangers’ welfare.

Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy

While wandering around the pristine Ol Jogi conservancy, Jamie talks endlessly and enthusiastically about what it takes to protect the rhino here. Everything from night vision goggles to hundreds of extremely well-trained rangers, and a lot of drive and dedication!

If you are interested in conservation and keen to learn more about the work Jamie and his team are doing here, please contact us to start planning your safari in Kenya!