The bags are packed! Leora and family depart in two days for their family safari to South Africa and today Leora shares some packing tips.

When it comes to packing, as hard as it always is, I keep to the basics. That means no fancy outfits, high heel shoes, or “colors.” Instead I keep to a few classic items that go well together, flats and neutral colors. I always throw in a colorful scarf for those evenings to dress things up a little or when I am feeling like I have truly had enough of going “neutral” and need a splash of color. The scarf takes up no space and can make you feel pretty in the bush!

Packing light is essential for me! I always carry on so making sure I have just enough clothing is essential. However, that being said, the best part of going to Africa is that your laundry is done daily (most camps complimentary) and so you really don’t need that many clothes anyway.

Packing for the children – that was challenging as you just never know how hot or cold it will be. Again, packing light was my priority and knowing we would have laundry done everywhere made my job much easier. I did throw in a dress or two, after all they are girls and would be very upset if they could not wear a dress for 2 + weeks!

When I return I may have some further ideas on packing for kids as this is my first time with them. As for me though I have it pretty much down and would be happy to walk you through your packing process if you like.

Off we go in 2 days, Africa here we come!!

Leora will be sending back photos and stories of their activities along the way, which we will be sharing in our blogs.

If you want to find out more about a family safari for yourself, call Rothschild Safaris at 1-800-405-9463. Also, check out our Guide to Taking Children on a Safari available for download from our website. We look forward to planning your family safari!

Photo courtesy: Orvis