Three years ago, Leora met “Big Bird,” a white pelican who was separated from his flock in a big storm and swam in from Lake Tanganyika, landing near Greystoke Mahale. The nearest flock was 93 miles away in Katavi National Park.

When he arrived, Big Bird was 3 months old. Since this species generally feeds by cooperating with each other to corral fish, which Big Bird couldn’t do since there was no flock, the camp got permission from the park authority to feed him.

For several weeks, Big Bird would not fly, and there was general celebration when he finally lifted off the ground.

Big Bird was very popular with guests (and on YouTube!). Leora met him and described how when she sat next to Big Bird, he would sidle closer and closer to her.

Big Bird unfortunately met with a boating accident on February 21st. He will be missed by many safari-goers!

Greystoke Mahale
Leora and Big Bird