Today being World Rhino Day, Rothschild Safaris would like to acknowledge and thank our friends at The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy for all the amazing conservation it does, but today in particular:  For four years on Lewa no rhino has been poached.

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is an award-winning endangered species sanctuary in northern Kenya joined to its western neighbor Borana Conservancy, forming a 91,000-acre conservation landscape. Lewa is also a UNESCO World Heritage and together with Borana, protects some of Africa’s most threatened species such as the black rhino, Grevy’s zebra, elephant and lion.

Lewa practices “community-centric” conservation, investing in both the protection of endangered species and development of its neighboring communities to create a future where both people and wildlife can flourish.

Rhino Lewa Conservancy
Amir Hoda

Let Rothschild Safaris plan a spectacular Kenya safari especially for you, including a visit to this beautiful, wide-vista’d part of Africa where you can see for yourself see all the wonderful projects the Lewa Conservancy has going on, and, at the same time, take in the spectacular landscapes on game drives and walks. You can even hop on a camel, if you are so inclined!


Remembering Anna, A Rhino Conservation Champion

Lewa is taking this moment to honor the memory of their co-founder, Anna Merz, whose passion, tenacity and dedication to saving the rhino from extinction led to the birth of a rhino sanctuary that is now home to 14% of Kenya’s rhinos. “From her love for Samia, her adopted rhino, to all the other animals in wild, Anna proved to us all that one person’s dream and love for wildlife can create the most significant impact, far beyond our deepest imagination.” John Pameri, Lewa’s Head of Rangers.