Out of the mouth of babes…

The only way to be sure kids are loving our Safaris? Ask them!

We are used to speaking to adults and designing their dreams… but often kids are part of our Safari families.


When Africa runs in your blood it is very important that the humans of the future learn to care for it and protect it. Luckily, a Safari just happens to be the perfect vehicle for ensuring that children continue to fall in love with Africa.

Or is it?

Assuming is never a good idea. Instead, we went right to the source and asked the children.

Here are some of the answers we found along the way

It is often a good idea to start close to home and so, the first children to be interrogated about Africa were part of the Rothschild Safari family.

Of course, Leora Rothschild is constantly traveling with her two daughters. Why not take a peek at what a typical day on Safari with Aisha looks like here?

On one of their Safaris together Leora also asked Aisha how she was finding the food:

(Spoiler – this does not end well for Leora!)

And then the Crosser Twins went on Safari with their parents!

You can read the answers they gave us about going on an African Safari here… but maybe the video they made in secret along the way to surprise their parents will tell you everything you really need to know:

If the enthusiasm from all these young explorers of tomorrow is making you consider your own family Safari Rothschild Safaris have some suggested itineraries to whet your appetite a little more!



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