Do you crave the experience of seeing wild animals in their natural environment?
Or the inherent joy of the people who inhabit the continent?
Maybe you simply want that sense of time slowed down to a pace that can be matched by the human soul?

For many of us, the answer is a combination of all these aspects, and when we look a little more closely at our motivations, we find that it all comes down to finding pure, natural consciousness and authentic experiences in Africa.

Elisabeth Brandt was no different when she first decided to make Africa her home, and the home of her business.

She had decades of experience working in the global spa industries of the EU and Asia, but she knew instinctively that her holistic approach, strong beliefs and values would be best served by the original innovation she could uncover in Africa.
Her unique treatment protocols and conceptualization has earned Healing Earth many international and national awards. The company is also a firebrand as far as spa education, and training, as well as outreach programs, go.

Healing Earth is planet, animal and people friendly.

The range features bio-identical active ingredients, organic essential oils, Fairtrade botanicals, and shea butter, all meticulously chosen for their specific healing properties that are unique to each of our collections.

Find your perfect match with Kalahari Melon for hydration, Mongongo Nut for detoxification, Coffee, Cinnamon & Orange for sculpting and Marula & Neroli for luxurious relaxation and sensual indulgence.

Healing Earth is a master at bringing memorable, multi-sensory African experiences to your spa experience or the comfort of your home.

And this Mother’s Day you can win one of 10 sensual and pampering Healing Earth Marula & Neroli Hampers

Our Favorite Healing Earth Products

African Potato Face & Body Balm

An award-winning product (currently Marie Claire Best Local Product Prix d’Excellence de la Beauté awards for 2018.)
This is the ultimate SOS balm for healing and protecting the whole body, skin, and hair, and it is suitable for the entire family.
Packed with vitamins, minerals and powerful organic bio-identical active ingredients, the award-winning multi-purpose balm boasts an unmatched concentration of pure actives. Perfect for damaged or sensitized skin, from wound healing to eczema, psoriasis, chapped lips, skin allergies, split ends and more. It can also be used as a powerful antioxidant face mask and is exceptionally nourishing for environmentally challenged skin.

“This balm is a wonder product that treats everything from rashes and acne to dryness and skin discoloration. It can even be used to nourish split ends,” says Marie Claire.

“I love the versatility of this product. It can be used to hydrate the face, body, and hair, so it’s a great multitasker if you’re traveling or on the go,” adds judge and makeup artist Tatum Tomic.

Healing Earth Hand Sanitizer

A fabulous alcohol and chemical free, waterless sanitizer that does more than simply keep you clean. It is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, made from pure aromatherapy oils (lemon verbena and argan), beneficial to your hands and the environment. This great little workhorse also comes in a small pump bottle for your handbag or an elegant 200 ml glass bottle for your home.

Properties where you can request Healing Earth:

&Beyond Africa
Duniye Spa Group
Elewana Collection
Emerald Collection
Wilderness Safari
O&L Leisure Group
Plan Hotel Group
Dubai World Group
Mantis Collection
King’s Camp
Royal Malewane
Shamwari Group
Thanda Group
Mala Mala
GOLD Zanzibar
Exclusive Collection Kenya

Healing Earth is also engaged in various programs to empower underprivileged women and promote activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

Here’s to the health and happiness only a journey through Africa can deliver.

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