A destination of coastal towns, spectacular glaciers, expansive wilderness & rural culture, Argentina is a multifaceted nation particularly suited to outdoor enthusiasts. Whether hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking or simply taking a stroll along the shoreline, one will be left awestruck by its spectacular and diverse scenery.

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Sharing the Andes with five other nations on the western seaboard of South America, an Argentina vacation is brimming with alpine potential. Striking snowfields, majestic waterfalls, rolling winelands and coastal regions make a luxury Argentina vacation an experience of many chapters, and there are many ways in which to enjoy this diverse terrain.

Beginning in Buenos Aires, one can enjoy superb galleries, historical landmarks and world-class cuisine. Venturing to the fractured coastline of the far south with its abundance of headlands, bays and islands, there are aspects of an Antarctic adventure to be found, with abundant ocean life including Southern right whales. Further north, one can find verdant national parks, jungles and wetlands.

  • Navigate the glaciers on a scenic coastal cruise 
  • Go whale watching off the Península Valdés
  • Discover the indigenous cultures of the Jujuy peninsula
  • Take a wine-tasting tour of Argentina’s world-class vineyards
  • Educate your two left feet with a tango class in Bueno Aires
  • Board a steam train for a journey through Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego
  • Join Argentina’s cowboys – the gaucho – for a stunning horseback ride and traditional barbecue
Argentina Vacation
Gaucho, Argentina Vacation


The capital of Buenos Aires is a melting pot of classical and cosmopolitan styles, with contemporary architecture juxtaposed with classical buildings, and a distinct Spanish influence throughout. However, this is only the beginning of a luxury Argentina vacation, and one will find untouched landscapes of myriad environments.

Iguazú Falls

Sharing its northern border with Brazil, Iguazú Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Argentina’s most renowned landmarks. Due to this, it does tend to be rather well attended, yet despite the crowds, one cannot help but be in awe of nature’s raw power. Cascading over several tiers, Iguazú boasts between 150 and 300 individual waterfalls depending on the season and water levels. Historically thought to have been formed by a heartbroken and enraged god, the falls are taller than Niagara and wider than Africa’s Victoria Falls.

Quebrada de Humahuaca

Another UNESCO World Heritage site, Argentina’s Quebrada de Humahuaca was formed by varying mineral deposits millions of years ago, creating a rainbow of striated colours across the hillsides. The region is thought to have been inhabited for over 10,000 years, making it a fascinating cultural destination as well. Once part of the Incan Empire, the tiny town remains, its 1,000 residents still living a rustic, traditional lifestyle. Spanning almost 100 miles (155km), this striking canyon network also has a raging river and waterfalls coursing through its valleys.


Located in the Cuyo region close to the Chile-Argentina border, Mendoza is the heart of Argentina’s winelands, famous for its Malbecs and red wine varieties. The city of Mendoza gives way to sweeping valleys perfectly suited to grape crops. The Uco Valley lies at the foot of the Andes, differing slightly in climate and rainfall and more suited to white varieties and Cabernets. The variety doesn’t lie only in the grapes, and the range of wineries is excellent, from endearing boutique properties to larger wineries that export their produce globally. Tastings are abundantly available but at the more established properties, it is also possible to enjoy a pairing platter or tasting menu overlooking the Cordón del Plata mountain range.


Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world and, as such, is frigid, but the icy temperatures – ranging from 32-50ºF (0-10ºC) are worth enduring to experience the last developed outpost before Antarctica. Overlooking the Beagle Channel on the southern tip of Tierra del Fuego, the city combines superbly luxurious hotels with a historical and rugged community that has learned to endure the bitter climate. From Ushuaia, one can also visit Tierra del Fuego National Park, home to guanaco (a species of llama), beavers, Andean foxes and muskrats among the few mammal species. Birds, however, are more numerous, with several goose and seabird species frequenting the park, along with the more unusual though rare Andean condor and austral parakeet.

El Calafate

Located deep within Patagonia’s snow-capped peaks, on the southern shore of Lake Argentino, El Calafate has become a key stopover for travellers headed to the nearby Los Glaciares National Park. This icy wonderland is best known for the spectacular Perito Moreno glacier – a massive, shifting ice cap composed of dozens of smaller glaciers. While Los Glaciares may be the main draw card here, El Calafate has plenty of its own charms: it’s a fun, scenic destination offering a host of outdoor and adventure activities. Visitors can also view the majestic profile of Mount Fitz Roy, immortalised in the logo of the clothing company, Patagonia. Travellers may be able to spot the guanacos, chinchillas, pudu and guemal (two small deer species), Andean condors, and rheas.

Argentina Vacation, Iguazu Falls
Argentina Vacation, Serranía De Hornocal


Even on a more remote Argentina vacations, an excellent standard of accommodation can be found. Buenos Aires, of course, has attracted several of the world’s leading luxury hotel chains, but even in Ushuaia, Arakur Resort & Spa brings luxury to the end of the world.

Even some of Argentina’s more isolated outposts provide excellent and often innovative properties. In particular, Awasi Patagonia has established a series of sustainable cabins that incorporate natural materials and solar energy to almost entirely negate their environmental footprint. Each cabin blends seamlessly into the landscape, while inside, the warm interior leaves nothing to be desired.

Argentina Vacation
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BEST TIME: Apr-Jun and Oct-Dec  to avoid crowds

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NORTH: LOW: 50-77ºF (10-25ºC) May-Aug / HIGH: 70-97ºF (21-36ºC) Dec-Feb
CENTRAL: 35-67ºF (1-20ºC) May-Aug / HIGH: 64-93ºF (18-34ºC) Dec-Feb
SOUTH: LOW: 31-45ºF (0-7ºC) May-Aug / HIGH: 43-58ºF (6-14ºC) Dec-Feb

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BEST FOR: Outdoors enthusiasts, adventurous couples, birdwatchers

Argentina is very much a destination for rugged wilderness adventuring. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean gruelling 15-mile hikes and rock climbing, it does affect the attire required and a somewhat hardy outlook on daily activities. However, there is always a warm and luxurious hotel to return to each night.

This said, for a shorter itinerary it is both possible and pleasant to visit Argentina on a wine tour, exploring the warmer climates in a more sedate manner. It is recommended to combine these contrasting aspects within a single itinerary, adding more explorations to the jungles and forests in the north.


Though it has much to offer, there are two primary ways to enjoy an Argentina vacation. On the one hand, warmer climates, winelands, Iguazú Falls and the temperate regions provide a relaxing and indulgent vacation. While to the south, adventure is the primary attraction, and though the environment is less hospitable, it is breathtaking beyond belief. Each of these can incorporate a week-long itinerary, but for the best of Argentina, two weeks is recommended.


Winter can be challenging, especially in the southern regions reaching towards the Antarctic circle. Not only does the mercury plummet, but so too does the snow, and this can inhibit hiking and other outdoor activities. Spring through Fall are the preferred seasons – summer if you are particularly opposed to colder climates. However, the peak season of December to February is better avoided if possible as you are likely to encounter a larger number of tourists, especially a hotspot such as Iguazú.


Accommodation is of an excellent standard, but also incredibly diverse. Superb lodges, boutique residences, premium hotels and private villas can be found, but you won’t find a Hilton on top of the Andes. For this reason, your expectations in venue style should be somewhat flexible, though the standard of quality, comfort and service need not be. Specialist accommodations, such as timber cabins in the wilds of Patagonia, still meet highly agreeable standards and even in the furthest reaches of this diverse country you will still be well catered to.


Flight time from the East Coast is around 14 hours, and 11 from the West. Flights are daily, though often only one or two each day. From Buenos Aires, you can fly internally, and for many destinations this is preferable. In some regions, longer car journeys may be necessary, but the landscapes make these highly rewarding.

US citizens don’t require visas for entry to Argentina for visits less than 90 days, though other nations may. It is always best to consult your Travel Designer well ahead of time to confirm visa requirements. Likewise, inoculations aren’t generally required but a travel medicine specialist will be able to inform you fully.

Spanish is the national language of Peru and some basic Spanish will definitely be useful, particularly in the more remote areas. That said, Italian and English are widely spoken, particularly in the hospitality and tourism industries. Your accommodation staff, guides and so on will likely be fluent in English.


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