One way to tell we have done our job…

Our Clients break into Song and send us a video of the occasion. {see end of blog for proof}

We are often asked…

What are the strangest requests you have ever had from guests?

and while many of our more interesting requests shall remain a closely guarded secret we CAN tell you that the Patel family contacted us not too long ago with a completely unique request.

Indravadan Patel, the patriarch of the Patel family, turned 70 this year. Mr. Patel had spent the first 18 years of his life in Bukoba and so the family decided to commemorate this event with a visit to Indravadan’s beginnings. Caren and Meggan were asked to plan a Safari for 11 that would start with a nostalgic visit to see where the family patriarch started his life.

The rub?

Mr. Patel lived in Bukoba during his first two decades on earth.

About Bukoba

A small city situated in the north-west of The United Republic Of Tanzania on the southwestern shores of Lake Victoria. Only one degree south of the equator the city’s port is the second largest Tanzanian one on Lake Victoria. Football is popular… tourism, not so much!

Caren has been in the industry for many a year and has spent a lifetime traveling throughout Africa in particular… but Bukoba is so far off the Safari circuit, even Caren had never heard the city mentioned. With no way to fly directly to the location, Caren chartered flights in and out and organized the Safari of a lifetime for the Patel family.

But don’t take our word for it… let the photographs (we had over 4,000 images and 200 videos to pick from)and the song speak for itself!

How clever are these matched and color-coded soft Safari suitcases?

Matching different colored travel bags

The Patel Ladies are ready for their Safari…

A plaque with foundation stone of Bukoba School

From Bukoba to the wilds of Tanzania:

Their favorite part of the Safari was visiting the Maasai personally.
How beautiful are these images of cultures and generations meeting?

Zarna Patel with Maasai

Little girl from Patel family with a Maa

And finally… we promised you song:

Three generations…

Uncharted Africa…

11 Guests…

No problem,


when You Dream, We Design.

All images and video courtesy of the Patel family. All rights reserved.

Children gazing through a gap with sign up details