There aren’t many family-friendly destinations that also say ‘once in a lifetime’.

But our standards are very high and you can be assured that our roundup of the countries that top our family trip wish list will deliver!

As Travel + Leisure says:

A family-friendly adventure outfitter that regularly ranks on T+L’s World’s Best lists. Rothschild Safaris is one of the most trusted names in the safari industry — and a firm favorite of our readers.


Home to many of the world’s last true wilderness landscapes Australia is a thrilling country to visit. As it also contains vast stretches of endless empty space and long distances between the most intriguing sites it is best to have a very clear plan for your family adventure.

Did you know…

The country has been inhabited for over 50,000 years and its indigenous culture is the oldest on earth.

With over 25,000 km of coastline and many of the world’s top 20 beaches, it is easy to include seaside adventures. There is no coast in Australia that does not boast water sports and qualified instructors.

Sydney is one of the world’s most multi-cultural cities and often ranks in the top 10 most livable cities. There is a wide variety of attractions and the food is heavenly.

The country has 500 National Parks (each an entire holiday in themselves with excellent educational resources), 19 World Heritage sites and 28 million hectares of protected land.

There is something for everyone in Australia, from splendid beach resorts to guest houses in Alice Springs (and a subterranean motel in Cobber Pedy) we will find your favorite, favorite accommodation, attractions, and adventures.

You can take some of the earth’s most incredible journeys (from short to endless) by train.

Rothschild Safaris’ Suggested Itineraries to Australia

Costa Rica

The happiest country in the world is a great destination for families. Go figure! Even though Costa Rica has immense areas of conservation and protected national parks it remains incredibly accessible.

Did you know…

It is easy to fly into Juan Santamaría Airport (SJO) in Alajuela, located within the Central Valley region north of San José.
Costa Rica uses hydro, wind and geothermal energy to produce its electricity and became the first country in the world to use no fossil fueled electrical power for over a year.
Rainforest lodges, tree houses, eco-ranches, and independent beach hotels. Costa Rica has a great variety of accommodation options and children are accepted almost everywhere.
The weather is great year round although it is dry from November to May and December is when it is busiest.
There are two coastlines in Costa Rica and you can choose between playing in the Caribbean or the North Pacific.
Almost the same size as Switzerland it has almost three times more natural conservation and protected areas.
Visiting kids can go to school for the day in Costa Rica.
From learning to surf, snorkel, dive, and sail to spending time with conservationists during turtle hatching season… there is never a lack of activities that enthrall.
Agro-tourism is also great fun for kids – combining learning with adventure.

Rothschild Safaris’ Suggested Itinerary to Costa Rica


And in Africa


Kenya is where the Safari was born and many still think it still offers the very best Safari opportunities. The country certainly remains a world-class destination for all-inclusive family Safaris.

Did you know…

It is incredibly accessible with year-round flights to Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu.

A leading big five country it is the continent’s leader in game conservation and protection. Learn conservation in practice on Safari here.

You don’t have to visit the popular game reserves like the Masai Mara and Tsavo but instead can opt for smaller less crowded conservancies in Laikipia for instance.

Kenya lies across the equator and also boasts exotic beaches.

Southern and central Kenya is very safe to visit with children.

Naturally involved and integrated traditional communities add another layer of cultural education to Kenya.

Skill building (bird spotting, local crafts, and regional cooking) is included in many Safaris.

Rothschild Safaris’ Suggested Itineraries to Africa including Kenya


Are you looking for the trip that will deliver intense wild drama, unbelievable sights, and sheer wildlife density? Consider Tanzania.

Did you know…

Year round access to Kilimanjaro, Dar Es Salaam, Mwanza, and Zanzibar

Year-round Safaris along the Northern Circuit of Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Tarangire

Tanzania also offers small-group, private family, beach and walk/drive safaris.

The dry season runs from June to October and the wet season from November to May.

The country includes seven Unesco World heritage sites including Kilimanjaro; Ngorongoro Crater; the Serengeti; and Zanzibar Stone Town.

Over 33& of the country carries protected status.

Cultural interaction can easily be incorporated into your Safari.

Rothschild Safaris’ Suggested Itineraries to Africa including Tanzania

South Africa

South Africa is a magical destination that has a little of everything for everyone. Whether you are looking for a Big Five Safari, a little escape on a beach or historic and cultural cities… South Africa has your back.

Did you know…

Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban are all serviced by regular international flights.

The country has over 50 national parks and game reserves.

Many of the Big Five reserves in South Africa is malaria free.

Combining the beach with a wild Safari is totally possible in South Africa.

There is a multitude of cultures and traditions to explore in all the different communities of South Africa.

The food is legendary – try to eat local wherever you go.

Rothschild Safaris’ Suggested Itineraries to Africa including Tanzania

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