We know how to select the very best accommodations to suit our clients’ wishes and budget. But that is only one part of the equation.

It is the little details (the things that many travelers may not even realise are possible) that we excel at including in our travelers’ trips. Having visited every lodge, camp, villa and destination, we have accumulated a vast array of exclusive offerings, bringing exceptional experiences to every journey.

This added value is gleaned from the communications our expert Travel Designers have with each and every client, learning their preferences, needs and much more to create unparalleled itineraries time and time again. This is how we work:

Our First Phone Call

We always begin with a phone call and a blank slate. The goal of our first conversation is to get to know you. We will ask you questions about your travel style, where you have visited in the past, your specific interests, your physical and dietary requirements and the intended budget for your journey. After we have worked through this process we will both have a better understanding of the possibilities

Getting Down to Business

At this stage we find out if you have a specific trip you are interested in and set travel dates. We offer our advice on the best locations depending on when you are planning to go and the best months to travel, and continue to refine your options to specific areas and dates.

Creating Your Perfect Journey

We start with selecting the best safari lodges or properties for you from our hundreds of partners. We will discuss the exact number of nights you need to spend in each location and why, and the activities available in each area. We will also discuss flights and transfers to optimise your time on safari. With this all narrowed down you will then hear from us (typically within one to two days) with a detailed itinerary that outlines everything discussed and your proposed tour cost. This is not set in stone, but provides a sample of what may be possible.

Adding in the Little Details

Once we know where you are going, we then work with you on tours, dining, and other activities. We give you our personal ideas and suggestions because we know it is these details which ultimately make your trip unforgettable. With all this in place we will then confirm your accommodations and at this time require a trip deposit of 25% of the total trip price. Final payment is due 90 days before your departure and you will receive an invoice prior to that time.

Fleshing Things Out

Should you wish to continue to fine-tune your journey – for example, making dinner reservations, booking additional activities, or adding tours to any stage of your adventure – that’s what we are here for. We will continue to adjust your itinerary until you are completely satisfied with your journey.

Your Trip Preparation

Approximately 5 months prior to your departure we will have a call with you to prepare you for your trip. On this call we will discuss visas, how to pack, health tips etc.

Approximately two to three weeks after receiving your deposit and confirming your trip, we will send you a Preparation Package that will include your itinerary, packing list and other valuable information.

Approximately four weeks prior to your departure we will send you your final itinerary, contact details (phone numbers of our contacts who will be taking care of you along the way, emergency contacts and our after-hours numbers), E-tickets and copies of this information that you can share with your friends and family.

Bon Voyage

While on your journey we will check in with our contacts along the way to ensure everything is just perfect and your trip is running smoothly. Should you need us for anything during your journey we encourage you to give us a call. We have staff members in key locations and connections at every property to ensure your safety, comfort and satisfaction.

When You Return

On your return we will want to hear all about your trip! Your honest feedback is what helps us continue to remain one of the world’s leading luxury safari providers.

Many of our travelers return again and again… we hope you get the travel bug too and look forward to creating your next luxury adventure!