Kelli and Brad just enjoyed a Southern Africa safari, and have shared their experiences with us!

How would you rate your guides?

Whatever the maximum on the scale is, they exceeded it! I can’t say enough good things about everyone – they were knowledgeable, professional, caring and friendly. If did it all again, we wouldn’t change a thing! We continuously have been telling everyone we know about how our guide – Civilized – and tracker – Jack – at Tanda Tula were by far the best pair. We feel so lucky to have been with them our entire time at Tanda Tula.

What was your most memorable experience?

Our days at Tanda Tula were the most memorable and fulfilling part of our trip. We had high expectations for the safari, and these expectations were not only met – they were exceeded. The game drives were a unique, amazing experience, and while at the camp we relaxed, reveled in being out in nature, and enjoyed delicious meals. It was absolutely perfect!

 What was the biggest surprise?

On our last night at Tanda Tula, they surprised us with a lovely dinner for two on our balcony. It was such a nice treat and a great way to spend our last night together at the safari camp. It was much appreciated and such a sweet extra thing they did for us – showing what truly kind people the Tanda Tula family are.

What advice you would give to other travelers?

Live in the moment. But that is always our advice when traveling (and beyond). Every moment won’t go perfect or exactly as planned, but if you greet it with a smile and laughter and take it in as just another experience, it’ll be hard to look back on your trip with anything but absolute positivity.

Who would you recommend this trip to? 

Everyone. We think it’s a great trip for honeymooners, families, and anyone that has an interest in culture, nature, and wildlife. I think everyone should experience a safari once in their lives to gain a bigger perspective and appreciation of nature and wildlife.