Safari HoneymoonLocation, location, location.

It doesn’t only apply to real estate. When it comes to essential celebrations, our thoughts often turn to the perfect background first.

And when the occasion is significant, a spectacular destination is called for.

And it is difficult to imagine anything more spectacular than a Safari in Africa. Safari honeymoon anyone?

Safari Honeymoon

Your Successful Celebration Safari Checklist

1. The Foolproof African Honeymoon Safari

We understand how easy it is to feel overwhelmed when you begin researching any safari in Africa. The Serengeti alone has around 115 camps. An African Safari trip usually entails a long haul flight (or two) and will claim some of your hard earned money and precious time. Now, how does one even begin to narrow down a selection that will provide you with that experience you tell your grandchildren about? What about the one where you bring along the grandchildren? And, of course, there is no do-over when it comes to the most special of celebrations.

The answer to your foolproof Africa honeymoon itinerary is luckily straightforward (and free!):

Simply use a Travel Designer

They know the continent intimately, and the travel industry is their life. Of course, all Travel Designers weren’t created equal, and we do suggest you use one with real-life expertise in a particular area or experiences in which you are interested. One who will spend as much time as you need on the phone with you… one with a real passion for understanding your African Safari needs.

Africa Honeymoon Itinerary

2. The Most Romantic Lodges in an Unforgettable Safari Setting

Africa is not a country… it offers an incredible variety of locations, and your particular celebration deserves splendor. Enjoy dreaming of a safari that is a worthy backdrop to the highlights of your life.

Exceptional Service

In Africa, maybe more than anywhere else, service does not always equate to the amount of money you pay. Only the experts know where the guiding is out of this world, the barman knows your name after you order your first drink, and the food is to die for (we see you in Cape Town on honeymoon).

A Flexible Routine

Certain parts of a celebration work best if they are carefully choreographed and co-ordinated. But it is always lovely to have a little flexibility in other places… Fancy a slow start to the day instead of an early morning safari? The well-designed trip will ensure that you have as much freedom as you might anticipate you need. And if you are traveling and celebrating with a group, booking smaller properties on an exclusive basis will give you the most control of your schedule.

A Rich Variety of African Safari Honeymoon Activities

Whether your celebration is a party of two or it is the kind of milestone that the entire family will want to be a part of… a great safari in Africa will always feature a wide variety of activity options. Because one person’s dream night sleeping out on a deck under the stars in the wild is another one’s nightmare.

A Good Balance of Relaxation and Action

As diverse as the landscape, the pace of an African safari can vary wildly. Too many travel days or physical activity can lead to safari fatigue, but boredom is not part of the happy holiday equation either. It is vital to ensure you hit that sweet spot that leaves you (and every member of your party) entertained and content every day.

Africa Honeymoon

3. An Action Plan for your Celebration on Safari in Africa

Contact us to arrange for a Travel Designer (who we will match perfectly to your needs) to call you.

Questions you might want to ask yourself before your call?

🥂 Be ready to discuss the details of and dreams for your celebration and who will be joining you on safari.

🥂 Do set your budget. A Travel Designer will know how to advise you how to maximize your money on safari; suggesting where to splurge and where to save.  Recommending when and where to go is what they do best.

🥂 Think about how flexible you would like your daily plan to be. Also, consider how adventurous you (and those traveling with you) are. Which activities will stretch your comfort zone? Is there something you have always wanted to experience?

🥂 Does anyone have special health or dietary requirements?

African Safari Honeymoon4. Romantic Destinations in Africa that are Best for Celebration

Crusoe-esque Castaway Islands

If private picnics, coral reefs and dining with your toes in white sand is your dream, then Africa has your idyll covered.

There is romance aplenty in the islands off the coast of Mozambique with world-class SCUBA diving and snorkeling a short walk from your accommodation. The incredible east coast of South Africa is close to Big Five destinations and also offers whale watching and beach fun for the entire family.

Romantic Lodges

Romantic Train Travel

Step back into a bygone era when travel was slow enough to watch the world go by through the glass in your train window. Today you can enjoy every foot of an African landscape from the luxury and style of a beautifully appointed train.

Rovos Rail offers stops in locations that aren’t often visited by any other travelers and journeys vary from a couple of days to epic three-week adventures that will whisk you (but slowly) from Cape Town to East Africa.

Romantic Getaways South Africa

The Tented safari

From the delicate waterways of the Okavango Delta to the wild Serengeti and the desolation of earth’s oldest desert in Namibia … there are camps in Africa where a tent is still de rigeur, and some may argue that the authentic African safari experience can only happen when you rest your head under canvas.

Romantic Destinations in Africa

And for those who love it really wild:

In Africa, it is still possible to travel far off the beaten track and explore the continent, its people and wildlife through intimate eco-lodges situated in the heart of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the wild home of the walking safari in South Luangwa National Park.

African Safari Honeymoon

Whether your next celebration is a significant birthday, a great romantic anniversary or a special milestone… there is no better way to make a memory last forever than choosing Africa.

And there is no better way to start your life together than with an African Honeymoon.