If there is one thing that sets us apart from other Africa safari operators, it’s the quality of our safari guides. As anyone who has been on safari knows, the quality of the guiding can make or break your safari experience.

Over the course of a safari, you’ll be spending a significant amount of time with your guide, from early morning to night drives. You want a guide who understands what you want to get out of your safari experience and who is knowledgeable about the things you care about. Traveling with kids? Then you definitely need a guide who is fabulous with children.

Increasingly, we are organizing private guides for our clients. Sometimes the guide stays with you throughout your safari, across destinations. And other times you’ll have a guide at each individual camp or lodge. Whichever option you choose,  here are three good reasons to opt for private guides during your safari.


If you are a keen photographer or traveling to Africa with the objective of taking some amazing photographs, you’ll want to consider using a private guide.

As any wildlife photographer will tell you, patience is a virtue. Oftentimes you’ll sit for hours waiting for the perfect shot, and during these moments it’s priceless to have a private guide. Your guide will be able to help pass time by sharing interesting information with you while, for example, you’re waiting for a pride of lions to start hunting. Additionally, a good photography specialist guide will always ensure the vehicle is facing the correct direction to capture the action and ensure the best light possible.


As any parent knows, there is no task more impossible that keeping a tired, overstimulated, bored or otherwise cranky child from completely losing it when the mood strikes. When traveling on safari with kids, utilizing a private guide is always worth it. You’re able to go at your own pace, speeding up when necessary and slowing down as well.

Many safari camps require that families utilize a private vehicle and guide, and it’s always an option if it’s not mandatory. When you safari designer recommends the private guide option, it’s a wise idea to follow their lead.

Extended Family or Large Group

Private guides not only are your main source of information when it comes to flora and fauna on safari, but they play an important role in ensuring everyone is happy and things stay organized. If you are coordinating a large group of friends and family, utilizing a private safari guide who will stay with you throughout the safari is a great idea. As needs and questions come up, instead of coming to you, your friends and family can go to the guide who is able to expertly handle just about any situation.

Interested in learning more about private guide options in Africa? Please contact us today!