Rothschild Gives Back

On Leora Rothschild’s visits to Kenya, she has traveled to many parts of the country. On one trip, she went far north into Samburu County where she was introduced to the Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy and fell in love with the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary.

They say there are two parts to the Sanctuary:

🐘     Rescue and release of between five and ten orphaned and abandoned elephant calves from herds in the remote Mathews Range every year – with elephant calves only taken into care as a last resort.

🐘     Create much-needed benefits to the local people living alongside the elephants.

These are all very worthwhile, of course. But what truly resonates for us at Rothschild Safaris, is how Reteti symbolizes a new wave of thinking about wildlife and the environment.

It is an attitude that reaches far beyond traditional conservation methods and dives deeper into the core value of what nature represents.

This Samburu community is reversing the trends of humans encroaching on the wilderness. Instead, they are securing their wilderness landscapes and learning how to co-exist with wildlife. All the keepers are from the local community and are formally trained in the care, rehabilitation, and release of elephant calves. An elected board from within the community oversees all operational aspects of the Sanctuary.

The Reteti project is growing new economies, transforming lives, and conserving natural resources.

Rothschild Safaris proudly sponsors The Reteti Elephant Sanctuary.

We support teams which secure safe drinking water supplies for wildlife during the dry months. We help ensure elephants and other animals separated from their herds are reunited. And a mobile elephant rescue team that works daily on elephant rescue, community awareness and the mitigation of human/wildlife conflict benefits from our patronage.

We are proud of our involvement with this project and we hope that you will consider visiting on your next safari to Kenya.

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