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Rhinos beyond bordersEvery trip booked through Rothschild Safaris will result in a donation to
Rhinos Without Borders.
We believe we can make an impact in preserving the safety of this iconic animal.

Rhino poaching is at an all-time high in Africa and is increasing at an alarming rate. The recent illegal trade of rhino horns has devastated the population. With a rhino killed every seven hours, there are more rhinos lost due to poaching than there are being born; making the rhino one of the most endangered animals on the planet.

Rothschild Safaris is joining the effort to save these magnificent creatures. The Rhinos Without Borders initiative is a global effort that relocates rhinos from various African countries where poaching is occurring
at a staggering pace to safe havens in Botswana where poaching is virtually non-existent.

The cost to relocate rhinos is significant. Whenever possible, rhinos are transported by air as opposed to land to shorten the journey and amount of stress placed on the animals during the relocation process. Once the rhinos are relocated a team of experts monitors the animals to ensure they are acclimating to their new environment. Between relocation and monitoring, each rhino relocation effort costs roughly $45,000.

If you feel inspired to make a personal donation to
Rhinos Without Borders, please visit the website directly and
be sure to mention Rothschild Safaris
so we can track the donations generated by our organization.

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