Rothschild Gives Back

Deep in the remote Mathews Range of Kenya, an elephant calf wanders the arid environment alone. The chances of survival without its mother or protection of a herd are dismal. But this calf is fortunate, it will be taken to the Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy where ground-breaking conservation is working to save orphaned and abandoned calves every day.


Giving back to the local community

Your trip booked by Rothschild Safaris results in funds being donated to The Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, situated among Kenya’s second largest elephant population. Here, orphaned and abandoned elephant calves are given a second chance at life and the hope of release back into wild herds. Reteti has two main focuses; primarily the rescue and release efforts surrounding five to ten elephant calves each year and secondly creating much needed opportunities for the local people living alongside the elephants.

A core value that resonates with Rothschild Safaris is how Reteti embraces a new wave of thinking about wildlife and the environment.

” It is an attitude that reaches far beyond traditional conservation methods and delves deeper into the core value of what nature represents. “

About The Samburu

This Samburu community is reversing the trends of human encroachment on the wilderness. Instead, they are securing their wilderness landscapes and learning how to co-exist with wildlife. All the keepers are from the local community and are formally trained in the care, rehabilitation, and release of elephant calves and an elected board from within the community oversees all operational aspects of the sanctuary.

” It is an attitude that reaches far beyond traditional conservation methods and delves deeper into the core value of what nature represents. “

Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

Rothschild Safaris proudly sponsors The Reteti Elephant Sanctuary by supporting teams who secure safe drinking water supplies for wildlife during the dry months. We also offer support to a mobile elephant rescue team that works daily on elephant rescue, community awareness and the mitigation of human/wildlife conflict.

If you are inspired to learn more about The Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, please visit their website at We are proud of our involvement with this project and we hope that you will consider visiting on your next safari to Kenya.

Isaac 4

School Sponsorship

It is thanks to our wonderful clients that we are able to sponsor people like Isaac. Isaac is from Namibia and is currently pursuing a diploma in Clinical Officer General at Levy Mwanawasa Medical University in Zambia, South Africa. Isaac has always dreamed of becoming a surgeon and now he is able to work towards that dream at university.

Isaac recently received his Diploma in Clinical Science a significant milestone in his journey towards a Bachelors Degree in Public Health from the Levy Mwanawasa Medical University.

We have had the pleasure of watching Isaac excel in everything he does as his sponsor throughout high school and now with his university studies.