When beginning to plan a safari in Africa, many of our travelers are curious to know about the weather and the pros and cons of booking a Botswana Safari during rainy season.

Botswana Safari Green Desert Exploration

Across Africa, there are distinct weather patterns and seasons. In places like Botswana, temperature and rainfall can vary quite significantly. It is often possible to find very competitive pricing during the “rainy” season, which takes place generally from November to March.

While a “green season” safari isn’t for everyone, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider traveling to Botswana during the rainy season, particularly if you have been on safari in Africa a time or two and would like to explore a different wildlife experience (while at the same time saving a few bucks).

Game Viewing is Good

Game viewing in Botswana is good year round, including during the rainy season. During the dry, summer months game viewing can be better because there is less long grass and thick bush getting in the way (once the rains stop, the grass quickly browns and the leaves start to fall off the trees). You will still be able to experience high-quality game viewing year round, including the rainy season.


After a dry summer, the bush landscape rapidly springs back to life when the rains begin to fall in November. During this time, the antelope will begin having their babies all at the same time, and predators will return to areas that once again have water.  This is also a great time to see lion, leopard and even wild dog.

baby antelope

Comfortable Rainy Season Temperatures

Getting into February and March, the temperature in Botswana is quite comfortable with mostly clear skies, 85F daily highs, and 55-65F daily lows. The temperatures in Botswana swing from cold to extremely hot throughout the year – but the springtime months are very comfortable.

Okavango Delta Remains Relatively Dry 

The rains bring relief from intense heat over the past few months of dry season. As soon as the rains start, flowers appear everywhere, signaling the new life and a time of plenty happening all around.  During this time, the “pans” fill up. However, the delta floodplains will see little change in the water levels. The local rains have a limited effect on the water levels of the Okavango Delta so it’s still possible to move around freely by vehicle ahead of the flood waters still months away.

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