Finding Independence Beyond the Crowds

Independence means many things to many people but lies at the heart of exclusive travel.

Of course, every year here in the US we celebrate liberty, freedom and unity on the 4th of July, but independence can be found in numerous ways as you travel the world.

Perhaps you are empty-nesters, seeking to regain the romance and camaraderie you enjoyed in a life before children. Maybe you are considering embarking on solo travel for the first time, taking a liberating journey for ‘me, myself & l’ Or you may be searching for emancipation from the norm, discovering exclusive travel far from the well-beaten path for an adventure that is exclusively for you alone.

In Suite Wellness Singita Lebombo Lodge, Kruger National Park, exclusive travel
Photo: ©Singita

However you may interpret independence, there are numerous solutions to give you freedom from the crowds, allowing you a deeper immersion in the wildernesses of the world and adventures that provide independence in all its manifestations.

For us, independence means not being beholden to the whims of others, to live by a schedule that is of your own design and to enjoy exclusive travel as if you are the first to have ever experienced it.

Private lodges, spontaneous fly camps, your own helicopter or light aircraft charter or embarking on a solo adventure; independence can be freedom from crowds, rediscovering the liberation of your more youthful self or even freeing yourself from your own inhibitions.

However you may interpret the notion of independence and exclusive travel, there are myriad ways to manifest it.

Solo Travel

The prospect of traveling alone can be daunting, but the rewards will more than outweigh any trepidation. A journey specifically catered to your desires without compromise, solo travel need not be intimidating.

The exclusive travel offered by a solo adventure allows travelers to explore the world on their own terms and without compromise. More senior couples may cherish some respite from one another, and absence always makes the heart grow fonder, but a lifetime of living together – no matter how wonderful and unified – requires foregoing personal desires for the greater good. Though this can be equally as fulfilling, it can sometimes initiate one to relinquish the many aspects of travel that appeal to the individual, rather than the couple. One might be an avid photographer or hiker, while the other prefers a more sedentary traveler. Perhaps a husband enjoys architecture and history while the wife might be more inclined towards nature, or maybe a mother or hard-working dad simply needs a little reward and peace – a family-oriented long service leave for a job well done.

Namibia, Woman Walking On The Road To Spitzkoppe, exclusive travel

Whatever the reason, solo travel is highly achievable and a wonderful way to indulge in destinations for ourselves, and ourselves alone.

Rediscovering Romance

Whatever chapter of life you may be in, reigniting the spark of romance is the key to relationship happiness. Whether celebrating an anniversary or simply nourishing your love, a romantic safari is sure to bring you closer.

As magical as it can be, romance has a tendency to stagnate without change. Whatever your choice of vacation, it is always possible to inject a little romance into the experience. With our expert knowledge of the camps and lodges we book, we have the knowledge to create an itinerary that will turn the smoldering embers of love into a raging fire once more.

From treehouses and flycamps to marking that special occasion with a candlelit dinner or bed festooned in rose petals, we can also help you plan ahead for a romantic escape or surprise the one you love with a gesture worthy of Cupid.

Private Camps

They say sharing is caring, but in a private safari camp you are able to share with the ones you love in complete solitude. Independent from other visitors, staff are acutely attentive and every day is yours alone.

A safari is an investment in lifetime memories. This is a superb opportunity to make an already wonderful trip into a five-star bucket list dream-come-true, one shared only with your closest friends and family, exclusive of other guests.

Kicheche Mara Family Suite
Photo: ©Kicheche

There is more to a private camp than simply being alone with the ones you love. The experience can be precisely tailored to your wishes – by the kitchen staff and residence, but also on a game drive and other expeditions. Private camps will invariably have exclusive vehicles and guides, affording you the luxury of taking a drive or excursion whenever you wish, and taking in the sight you most want to see, without having to cater to other guests. This is particularly beneficial if you have particular interests, such as birding or photography, or a species you specifically wish to see. Though never guaranteed, staff are able to go to extra lengths to fulfil your wishes.

Lastly, a private property will allow you to enjoy your journey on your time, not beholden to a schedule or the whims and tardiness of others, making the entire experience utterly yours, and yours alone.

Private Charters

Africa is vast. Charters are a necessary part of any multi-stage itinerary, but by taking the option to procure a private charter, one can turn a required transfer into a wonderful scenic flight across the African wilderness.

Segera Birds Nest Kenya

As with private camps, a private charter can fit around your journey, and not the other way around. Though schedules may still need to be met, there is less of a chance of detours or delays, and pilots will often cater to their exclusive passengers, detouring to show you the region’s sights and taking you directly to your next destination.

Nothing says exclusive travel like an airplane or helicopter all to yourself, and for a bucket list journey a private charter is essential. Bespoke flights are incredibly convenient and can be arranged to suit your party and itinerary, offering more than simply transportation between camps.

Private charters aren’t restricted to air travel. At island or oceanside destinations, sunset cruise are magical ways to end your day, whether romantically or with your family. The idyll is impeded when others are present, not ruining the moment, but certainly diminishing the sense of solitude. When shared only with your nearest and dearest one cannot ignore the wonderful sense of feeling like the only people in the world.

Write Your Own Story

We take the time to handcraft your bespoke itinerary with your Travel Designer, independent of the constraints of packages, schedules and deadlines, allowing you to simply enjoy the absolute exclusivity of your adventure.

This allows you to provide your precise wishes for your exclusive travel experience, enhancing the journey exponentially. When required to take other travelers into account it can be challenging to fulfil your bucket list, but by planning an exclusive itinerary you are able to tailor your travels to your dreams.

This is enhanced by not having to share each step with strangers. Enjoy your own swimming pool, have a peaceful dinner without the hum of foreign conversations, take solo game drives and always guarantee a front-row seat; and, of course, staff have the time and space to be infinitely more attentive.

A bespoke itinerary is the ultimate in exclusive travel, matching and often far exceeding your bucket list dreams.

Freedom to Choose

Without affiliations, we have the luxury of selecting the best camps and lodges across Africa and the world. This independence allows us to choose only the best properties perfectly suited to your desires.

Accommodations project a profound impression upon your journey and, while you might spend much of your time there asleep, when the property is yours alone, you are able to make the very most of it. No strangers’ towels on sun loungers each morning, no waiting for dining staff to be free to attend to your needs and no over-booked or unavailable facilities. Every aspect of the property is exclusively yours.

We have wonderful partnerships with all of the lodges, hotels, camps and villas we provide for our guests. We know their strengths, appeal and capabilities because we have been there, and in doing so we can match your itinerary with the most suitable property for every chapter of your journey. Even if you aren’t able to enjoy exclusive travel for every stage, we can select the most appropriate lodges and incorporate several stays at dedicated private accommodations along your route.

This freedom allows us infinite flexibility and, through our initial discussions, we can ensure accommodation that will match your wishes, whether completely independent of others or with enough privacy to make even a fully-booked property feel like your own slice of paradise.

There are many ways to instil independence in your itinerary, from simple gestures to an entirely exclusive journey from start to finish.

Uganda, Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp
Photo: ©Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp

Having traveled the world, met the staff, visited every destination and property we book and explored the myriad experience available, we are world leaders in creating the ultimate exclusive travel journey for all of our guests.

Share your wishes with us, talk to a Travel Designer and embrace the independence of exclusive travel.

Header Image: ©Six Senses Zil Pasyon