Trekking in the lush mountains of Rwanda to spend time with a family of endangered mountain gorillas is high on the bucket list of many adventure travelers and wildlife lovers. To get here, you must travel through the capital city of Kigali.

Of course, this magical experience is often part of a broader wildlife safari in East Africa. While in the past connecting Rwanda with other destinations involved a series of flights, often taking up a full day of travel, we are THRILLED to announce that now it is possible to fly DIRECT from Kigali to the plains of Serengeti National Park, saving precious time and money.

The flight departs Kigali very early in the morning, so you can literally get from your hotel to breakfast in the bush in only a few hours!

It’s easier than ever to begin with our popular Gorilla Trekking safari in the Virunga Mountains, home to the world’s largest number of endangered mountain gorillas. Spend a day checking out Kigali, including the moving genocide museum, followed by two days trekking gorillas. While it is possible to do this in one day, we always suggest booking two days of trekking just to offer maximum opportunity to see and experience the gorillas. (Note: Be sure to book very early as the trekking permits are extremely limited and do sell out!)

Then, head to the iconic plains of the Serengeti in northern Tanzania. We can’t think of a better way to experience the African bush than under canvas.


One of our favorite mobile camps is usually erected in close proximity to the Great Wildebeest migration, wherever that may be at any given time of year. You’ll find the camp situated in the beautiful northern part of the park from July until November, then down south from December until April and in the west from May until mid July. The migration herds are driven by an endless search for food and water and so these great herds and their attendant predators are constantly on the move.

The camp has only 12 tents, so groups of 6 or more are guaranteed exclusive use of the camp. The tents have large wooden beds, crisp linens, wooden and brass furnishings, and safari chairs in front of your tent to watch the world go by between activities. All are also equipped with flush toilets and traditional bucket showers (which is a fun part of the adventure); every morning warm water is brought to your tent, allowing you to appreciate safari in the most traditional sense, inspired by the early explorers.

On safari, activities are all privately guided while at the camp, so you can enjoy endless days in the wilderness in search of wildlife. You will be in a closed vehicle here to keep the dust at bay, with large windows and a pop-top roof for photographic opportunities. A perfect safari experience!

So what do you think? Make this epic safari itinerary part of your plans for the New Year! Contact us today to get started planning.