Few countries hold as much diversity of experience, landscape & exploration as India. A journey of adventure, flavours & spirituality, the frenetic yet fascinating streets of New Delhi belie the tranquility & natural surrounds of Kerala & Rajasthan. Whether you are searching for a profoundly cultural experience, a journey through history or a more classic safari, the many places to visit in India abound in opportunities.

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India is a cacophony of colour, aromas and the celebration of life. As captivating as it can sometimes be overwhelming, this is only one facet of a far greater dichotomy of experiences. Plunge into the melee of religious ceremonies, drift down idyllic waterways, indulge the senses on a culinary adventure, or escape to the forests and plains in search of elusive tigers. Whatever adventure you choose, you can do so in regal elegance, service and accommodations evoking the opulence of Raj-era India, providing impeccable comfort and luxury wherever you wander.

Adventure greets you the moment you land in India, and whichever international airport you arrive at, incredible experiences await just beyond the door. Bustling marketplaces, splendid architecture, luxurious palace-hotels and jubilant festivals soon give way to remote hilltop forts, golden forests and a far more sedate way of life as you venture across this expansive and ever-changing country.

  • Enjoy sundowners in the tranquil gardens of Mehtab Bag overlooking the inimitable Taj Mahal
  • Drift on the serene waterways of Kerala
  • Take a private cooking class, discovering regional fragrances & spices
  • Relax & unwind in regal elegance in one of the many palace-hotels
  • Evoke the Rajas of yesteryear on a luxury tented safari
  • Explore the stepwells & alleyways of Gujarat
  • Wander the captivating alleys of Jodhpur
  • Revel in the vibrant celebration of Holi – the festival of colour
Kerala, places to visit in India
Ranthambore, places to visit in India

places to visit in India

Whatever you desire, India has a location to fulfil your wishes. Tropical beaches, mystical mountains, deeply spiritual retreats and forests and plains akin to Africa’s grasslands are scattered across this vast country of 1.4 billion people. One-third the size of the US, its history and diversity parallel, and often exceed that of other countries, and an Indian vacation wanders across many chapters. There are many iconic and renowned destinations, and infinitely more to discover, but even the most frequented attractions are more than worthy of a visit.


Home of the magnificent Taj Mahal, Agra has more to offer than India’s most recognised landmark alone. Agra fort is the almost-500-year-old residence of Mughal Emperor Akbar and is remarkably well preserved. Agra serves as a wonderful introduction to India, and you can enjoy numerous tasters of the nation, from history and architecture to wildlife conservation centres and the literal culinary tasters of the region’s cuisine.


India’s food is often stereotyped minimising the scope of flavors, styles and dishes we understand as ‘Indian cuisine’. Each region has its distinct dishes and Kerala is a wonderful destination to break these preconceptions. Combining the heavy curry flavours with lighter, fresher herbs and spices, Keralite cooking also incorporates fish and seafood. Enjoy dining on a houseboat as you drift along peaceful canals and find space, peace and a slower pace of life.


Far to the north of India, nestled in the Himalayan foothills, Ladakh is a stronghold for Indian Buddhism. The stunning Shanti Stupa was erected in 1991 is a monument to world peace, holding relics of the Buddha at its based and enshrined by HH Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama. But there is one spirit that dwells here of which many visitors hope for a glimpse: the ghost of the Himalayas, the snow leopard. This fascinating region is home to some of the world’s few remaining snow leopards, and though immensely elusive and rarely spotted, Ladakh offers one of the places to visit in India to see these incredible cats in their natural habitat.


Few places in India, or indeed, the world, reflect such devout spirituality as Varanasi. Established on the banks of the sacred Ganges, the city has stood for over 2,000 years yet, as its labyrinthine streets and alleyways will attest, rumour has it that there is still no accurate map of the city. Swamis recline on the steps leading down to the river, fascinating marketplaces proffer all manner of foods, fabrics and souvenirs and barely a corner can be turned without happening upon a ceremony of devotion or mourning. As the sun rises or sets, viewing this captivating city from the calm waters of the Ganges will have you wondering whether you have stumbled onto a Hollywood film set or into the pages of fiction.


If you are searching for places to visit in India for a safari, Rajasthan is the destination of choice. Here you will find the vast Ranthambore National Park, the 515 square-mile (1,335km²) home to the greater global population of Bengal tigers, as well as sloth bears, leopard, striped hyena, civets, and various deer and monkey species. Tiger trekking is just one of the north Indian state’s attractions (which also includes Agra and the Taj Mahal), and you will find beguiling towns, such as the Blue City of Jodhpur, the Pink City of Jaipur and many more incredible destinations. As with many places to visit in India, Rajasthan transports you back in time, and whichever destination or attraction you find yourself in the resplendent elegance of Raj and colonial-era luxury.

Varanasi Ganges River Ghat, places to visit in India
Snow Leopard Safari, places to visit in India


Since the early days of the British Raj in the mid-1800s, visitors have enjoyed India’s spectacular hospitality, and its royalty indulged in luxurious accommodation and service far preceding this. Today, many of the original palaces have been restored and maintained in their original elegance while being adapted into hotels. Service is as impeccable as your surroundings, and staff cater beyond your expectations in every sense. Throughout India, you are quite literally able to live like a king or queen.

From the remarkable Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur – made famous in the James Bond movie Octopussy – to the Hawa Mahal, the iconic pink palace of Jaipur, there are some exceptional places to visit in India. But is not only in these centuries-old venues that you will find faultless luxury.

On safari, sweeping canvas tents are festooned with golden tassels and fringes, your drinks served in crystal, your meals with gold cutlery, and furnishings far exceed any notion of ‘camping’. This is the safari of India’s kings, and turbanned butlers cater to your every whim in their pressed linen uniforms.

Taj Lake Palace, places to visit in India
places to visit in India


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CLIMATE: Varies greatly. Northern winter can be sub-zero, central summer can exceed 105ºF (40ºC). Consult your travel designer.

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SEASONS:COOL & DRY: Nov-Mar / HOT & WET: Apr-Oct

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BEST FOR: History buffs, adventurers culture & food enthusiasts, nature lovers 

When India gets hot, it is exhaustingly so, and this coincides with monsoonal rains, making it highly unpleasant. For this reason, we strongly recommend visiting only in the cooler, drier months between November and March. For nature lovers, Ranthambore and the opportunity to witness the biggest of the big cats, the majestic Bengal tiger (though the Siberan tiger can grow larger). But to visit for this reason alone is to forgo a wealth of unmissable and equally as unforgettable places to visit in India. Though it can be somewhat stereotyped, thought of for its spicy food, chaotic cities and a handful of key experiences, the wealth of opportunity far outweighs its reputation. Allow your travel designer to guide you in a more comprehensive Indian itinerary.


The short answer is ‘never long enough’! For every experience you enjoy, another dozen places to visit in India present themselves. A minimum of two weeks is necessary to fulfil a reasonable spectrum of destinations. 21 days will give you the opportunity to explore a wider range of destinations the north and south, with the possibility of concluding in the magical Maldives for a relaxing, tropical culmination to your India adventure.


With many destinations, there is a distinction between preferable and not-so-beneficial times to go. With India, this division is black and white, and we go so far as to suggest absolutely not visiting in the hot, wet months of monsoon. However, with significant climatic and geographical diversity and so many places to visit in India, the exact timing of your visit may vary. October to March are considered the best months, but if you anticipate venturing into the Himalayas to track snow leopards, this may vary slightly to avoid the most frigid months of the year.


Though technically considered a third-world country, accommodation is an aspect of India for which no expense is spared. Wherever you stay, you will find comfort, convenience and unwavering luxury. To complement this, service is of an impeccable standard, and you can be assured of excellent and attentive staff everywhere from the palace-hotels of the cities to the luxury tented camps of the wilderness regions.


India is renowned for its highly distinctive culinary offerings, with spices and flavours emulated all across the world. As with many cultural dishes, you have never experienced it truly until sampling it in the country of origin. Each region has its own distinct range of flavours and dishes – some rich with chicken and meats, others, such as in Kerala, fresh and spicy with a seafood influence. The Western palate can be challenged by the heat of Indian cuisine. Kormas and Biriyanis tend to be less spicy, while Madras, Vindaloo and Jalfrezi curries really turn up the heat.

Another point of note is that vegetarian options are plentiful, as too are dishes suitable for gluten-free diners. Most premier restaurants will offer a specific gluten-free menu, though many dishes, with their focus on rice, vegetables and usually some addition of meat, are naturally gluten-free. Low-gluten dishes are prevalent, but if you happen to be celiac, avoid naan and chapatis, as well as kofta balls, which contain bread crumbs, and fried food and tandooris that can carry the risk of cross-contamination of gluten.


Depending upon your itinerary, flights will be arranged to one of several international airports. Global flights are convenient and of premium quality. From your arrival destination, internal flights are easily arranged, allowing you to traverse much of the country. Visas are required for most international visitors and should be arranged in advance. Your travel designer will advise you of these requirements.

English is widely spoken, and staff and guides will all have strong language skills to assist you in both their service and translation if required. Despite such luxury and superb service, India can be a little confronting for the more timid traveller, though we will ensure your comfort at all times. We recommend India as an exceptional destination for the curious, those wishing to discover new cultures, wonderful foods, unique, endemic nature and a rich and extensive history.


Wow, wow, wow!! We are back in LA now, recovering from jet lag and still in shock and awe regarding our experience. From the moment we landed in South Africa to the moment we touched down in LA, our experience was seamless and amazing. 

- Amy Lundberg

We were thrilled with the trip. It was as good as or better than described at every turn. The prep, attention to detail, willingness to make changes and ensure we were ready and prepared was outstanding. Our Travel Designer was awesome! 

- Betsy Robertson

Choosing a safari expert is never easy given the choice and lists upon lists of "top suppliers"....but we made the BEST choice for us....why....because above all, Rothschild listened ....really listened to what we wanted to experience.

- Dawn Jacobs

It was a well organized trip. It was easy to get around since we were guided through all of our itinerary. Everyone was pleasant and very helpful. This is an excellent way to travel. Rothschild Safari did very well and brought a fantastic African experience to us.

- George Kowalski

My trip was beyond AMAZING! I truly enjoyed every moment. The itinerary allowed me to experience a variety of different activities all of which I enjoyed! When I originally thought of going to Africa I was just thinking of safaris. This trip opened my eyes (and my family/friend's) to so much more Africa has to offer.

- Jackie Smith

Trip was PERFECT!! Every single detail was planned out and the accommodations and people were wonderful. This trip exceeded all of our wildest expectations. Every place we stayed was just lovely and each each camp had a different vibe, which was really neat. Everyone we worked with was outstanding. 

Jamie Scarlett

On behalf of the Moravec’s and the Stone’s……thank you for arranging a trip of a lifetime. Every detail was accounted for and all the recommendations were perfect. It honestly could not have gone any better.

Joe Moravec

Meggan Woody and Kim Killick were extraordinary at crafting THE PERFECT safari for our family of 8. They both listened (actually 'read' my email) to EXACTLY what we wanted, within the budget that we needed, and miraculously pulled off miracles in obtaining the properties that we wanted! 

Kim Mather

Every aspect of my trip went according to plan and the plan Rothschild's help me to orchestrate was magnificent! I loved every lodge that I was blessed to be in! They were all very different yet all high end and very accommodating.

Lisa Anderson

It was the most exciting, scenic, inspiring trip we've ever taken. To say it was a trip of a lifetime doesn't begin to capture our experience. Pam Langhoff and the Rothschild team did an outstanding job of helping us plan this trip.

Mary & Rob Johannigman (& family)