Whats happening next year? 

As part of the program, the lodge teams, transport vehicles, guides and staff have been educated extensively about what COVID-19 is and how to identify the signs and symptoms of those infected.  They have also been inducted on the rules of personal hygiene and how to interact with each other and guests. The best cleaning and sanitation practices are being implemented throughout these countries.  The programs have been developed in consultation with medical advisors. 

Camps are spruced up and ready for your arrival 

During the lockdown period, we have been corresponding with our partner properties on the ground.  Many have taken the opportunity over these past few months to refurbish and upgrade their camps in preparation for the next arrival of travelers! 

Private Travel 

We provide private travel solutions for small groups and families. During this pandemic, we have received more than the usual number of requests for this type of travel which involves private planes, personal assistance to get you through customs efficiently, plus private airports and exclusive use of safari lodges.    

A much-needed break 

Guides who are often hard at work have had a lovely opportunity to re-connect with their families, as well as rest and prepare for what we all expect to be a bumper 2021! 

Current protocols that the various properties have implemented as we move into the next phase*: 

When returning to work, staff in the camps are being required to go through a training and screening questionnaire process beforehand. Daily temperature checks also will be carried out.  Any staff member who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms will be immediately isolated and cared for.   

Chefs are currently required to wear masks in the kitchen and while serving. Housekeepers will also wear masks and gloves.  Unless it is required by health authorities in the countries where we operate, staff will not wear masks and gloves while in the guest areas. However, they will all be practising strict physical distancing and hygiene. Should a guest prefer those who service them to wear a mask, the staff members will do so. 

Guests are not required to wear a mask and gloves unless this is stipulated by a health authority in the country of operation. However, guests are welcome to wear masks and gloves if they prefer. 

 *All protocols as mentioned above are subject to change