Here is the latest tips and experiences from our travelers Jean and Al, who recently completed a gorilla trekking safari!

I already mentioned to Kimi that we thought it was one of the great trips we have ever taken. It would be tough to come up with even a minor criticism. Special kudos to our guide Sula and Classic African Safaris for a superb job. Every place we stayed was wonderful, and the game viewing and cultural activities were everything we could have hoped for.


 What was your most memorable experience?

Gorilla trekking. We have done many wildlife adventures, including several in Africa, but nothing compared to this chance to be close to the mountain gorillas.

What was the biggest surprise?

The great personal warmth of the people in both Rwanda and Uganda, but especially Uganda. The Ugandans are the most hospitable people we have encountered in visits to nine different African countries.

What advice you would give to other travelers?

Take this trip. Spending days with the gorillas and chimpanzees is an obvious thrill, but the Batwa visit was also a unique experience unlike any other we have had. The Nile cruises at Murchison Falls were also outstanding.

Who would you recommend this trip to? 

People who appreciate wildlife and who don’t mind a bit of exertion. One of the reasons this may have been our favorite African trip was that we actually got some decent physical activity on the gorilla/chimp/Fossey camp/Batwa treks. Much as we love game drives, the physical inaction combined with sumptuous meals can get a bit frustrating if you are used to being active. We would say to anyone who has already done the classic game drive safari, you need to do this one to round out the African wildlife experience. I have already pushed a few people I know to get on the stick and do this.