Feel-good properties from all around the globe.

Find out why some of our Travel Designers want to stay here.

Miavana, Madagascar

Why we 💗 it so

Miavana offers just the right frame for experiencing the endless fascination of The Great Red Island. (also: Hammocks by the Pizza Restaurant!)


Why we 💚 it so

Incredible architecture by ‘the Leonardo da Vinci of our time’ + the world’s hottest museum of African Art + Cape Town = Guaranteed Bliss

Sol y Luna

Why we 🧡 it so

The ultimate feel-good retreat (that also happens to be a doorway to a lost civilization.)

Jamala Madikwe

Why we 🖤 it so

Colonial style and African eccentricity are deliciously matched, delivered in this intimate bush experience.

Shipwreck, Namibia

Why we 🧡 it so

There is nothing this raw, rugged and remote anywhere else on earth.

Orpheus Island, Australia

Why we 💛 it so

We always have trouble saying no to the Great Barrier Reef. Give us a secluded stretch of immaculate turquoise coastline and tell us we need to share with no more than 26 other people? Sold and sold!

Huka Lodge, New Zealand

Why we 💚 it so

Incredible style envelops you from the moment you arrive… making you feel like you have indeed entered another world.

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Images via Individual Properties and cover art courtesy of Christopher Rusev