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“We are still reeling in the absolutely fabulous memories we’re left with from our trip to Tanzania & Rwanda! Our trip was truly incredible and we thank you so much for making it happen. Words really can’t describe the majesty of our experiences and the wonderful places we visited.”


Shue-Ping & Richard

PasPadena, California

Leora Rothschild

Leora Rothschild can possibly be bought with chocolate. And that isn’t her only superpower. She also runs a company of highly opinionated, strong, incredibly intelligent, passionate women… by choice. And she manages them remotely. Rumor has it that the force resides in the crazy beautiful and notoriously untamable curls which she inherited from her mother.…

Pam Langhoff

Once upon a time … there was a young girl in South Africa called Pam. She dreamed of being a wedding planner but, as it happens in any self-respecting fairytale, Pam was forced to be sensible and practical and so she became a Paralegal instead. Obviously, our tale does not end there. As time passed,…

Ruthie Detwiler

We’d like to bet you could never guess Ruthie’s biggest hobby! She only decided to start competing as a slalom water skier 10 years ago and she has a range of medals from 1st in State, 3rd in Region and 11th in Nation. If she wasn’t designing Travel she would become a waterski instructor but she isn’t…

Angie Voigt

Meet the girl who was named after the Rolling Stone song… (Yup, her parents still insist on playing it every year at her birthday and Yup, it drives her crazy… but maybe a little less than it did when she was 14). Her own music taste led her to a life long love affair with…

Tanaya Lambert

Somewhere out there a Career Counselor is walking around without the medal he or she deserves. Because there is absolutely no doubt that Miss Lambert is doing the perfect job. Considering the average European only travels to 7 countries in a lifetime, the fact that she has already ticked off 47 (and we strongly suspect…

Angela Pretorius

If you are very, very lucky you have a person in your life you can turn to when you need to ground yourself. Someone who will be empathetic… but wise enough to look at your situation from every perspective. A deep thinker who will analyse you and help you refocus on what really matters. At…

Elsabé Coetzee

What does Elsabé have in common with Hugh Jackman, Ruby Rose, Mia Farrow and Jens Voigt? Other than the obvious (general gorgeousness, worldwide fame, astounding fortunes and impossible schedules) they all Geocache. If you aren’t familiar with the activity Elsabé—and her Hollywood mates—think you should make haste to get with the program. It is a worldwide…

Melissa Hansen

We see your fear of flying and we raise you Melissa. She travels for a living and is the world’s premier aviophobe. Now, before you say anything you might regret we will just let you know that she is also a competitive figure skater and remind you of this handy tip: Never annoy super-fast, athletic…

Kimberly Brokling

The real reason Rothschilds Safari Travel Designers do ALL THE HARD THINGS without breaking a (visible) sweat? Our Project Manager is only a bona fide spider wrangler! For her honeymoon she planned night walks through the Ecuadorian jungle. Her husband was horrified with this ‘who’s who of spiders’… the new bride was in seventh heaven.…

Jessica Faith

Never mind the creepy crawlies. If you want to really, truly frighten Jessica, simply serve her A MUSHROOM. Could this explain her alternate—in no particular order—career choices? Full time ski instructor Helicopter Pilot Police Officer The lady also has a degree in global tourism and has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Australia, to Machu Picchu in Peru, Ecuador…




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