Comprising over 100 Seychelles islands, many of which are uninhabited, the archipelago is an exquisite tropical escape. The passionate Seychellois culture – a blend of African, Asian & Franco-European – provides a wonderful backdrop for pristine white-sand beaches, lush national parks & mountainous World Heritage-listed reserves.

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The Seychelles islands are truly a breathtaking tropical destination. For beachgoers and thalassophiles, few places can parallel this exquisite archipelago and the immaculate waters that surround it. Far from a singular vacation venue, Seychelles holidays offer contrast and diversity, from vibrant marketplaces and culinary excellence to forest-fringed mountains presenting spectacular views.

Somewhat indicative of the Hawaiian islands, Seychelles has all the natural beauty accompanied by myriad activities to keep visitors entertained for days on end.

Hiking, diving, rock climbing, golf – take your pick! Seychelles is abundant in natural wonder, both coastal and throughout the forested interior. Hikers will love the undulating trails found across numerous islands and, though not a safari destination by any means, the islands are still home to an array of fauna, including land and sea turtles, flying foxes, numerous reptiles and an abundance of bird life.

Whether you are of the adventurous type, or searching for something a little more sedate and romantic, Seychelles encompasses an intriguing diversity of locations, activities and attractions.

  • Explore the underwater realms – Seychelles’ most iconic vistas
  • Wander the jungles and mangroves of Morne Seychellois National Park
  • Take a guided culinary tour of Seychellois street food
  • Go green turtle watching on Aldabra Atoll
  • …or visit the giant tortoises of Curieuse Marine National Park
  • Take in the vibrant Sir Selwyn Clarke market
  • Zipline through the forest canopies of Mahé
Luxury Seychelles Vacations
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With 155 Seychelles islands and hundreds of miles of coastline to choose from, Seychelles has an abundance of more obvious attractions. Some of the secluded beaches are even more impossibly beautiful than the wildest imaginings of Hollywood, and the omnipresent ocean gleams with the most iridescent turquoise translucency. Of course, this accounts for most visitors’ primary attractions to the archipelago. But take a step away from the shore and you will find banana plantations, thick jungle, limestone rock formations and charmingly traditional island life. The capital of Seychelles, the city of Victoria, is a wonderfully vibrant destination, with a dazzlingly exuberant Creole lifestyle.

Anse Lazio, Praslin

One of the largest of the Seychelles islands, Praslin is impeccably beautiful. Though this attribute makes it a popular destination for tourists, one can find moments of sublime beauty and tranquillity in the off-season or away from the tour buses. Anse Lazio is heralded as one of Seychelles’ most exquisite beaches, with white sands, dazzingly clear ocean and palms cascading down to the shoreline. Regardless of the number of fellow visitors, this quintessential reflection of paradise is well worth exploring.

La Digue

La Digue island has a sleepy old-world feel, with ox carts and bicycles amongst the more predominant modes of transportation. Skirted, of course, by those gorgeous Seychellois beaches, it also offers a glimpse into the former life of the Seychelles islands. French colonial houses and an old vanilla plantation and copra factory reveal the lifestyles and means of early settlers and the islands’ importance of old trade routes. Also located on La Digue, Veuve Nature Reserve is home to the endangered black paradise flycatcher, along with numerous other feathered inhabitants. Nearby, the Grand Anse walking trail takes you through the forested hillsides and stunning beaches. The island is also a popular destination for rock climbing, and the granite cliff faces are wonderful to explore and serve as the dramatic backdrop to many of the island’s beaches.

Morne Seychellois National Park

Covering more than 20 percent of Seychelles’ biggest island of Mahé, Morne Seychellois National Park ranges from coastal mangroves to mountainous jungles and gives spectacular panoramic views of the island and its neighbours. An ornithologist’s paradise, the park is home to an abundance of birdlife, some of which is both endemic and incredibly rare. In past centuries, the region was heavily farmed for vanilla, cinnamon, coffee and copra to its detriment. Traces of these trades, including the plants upon which they were based, can still be seen, but the park is rapidly recovering and now protected from further exploitation.

Vallée de Mai National Park, Praslin

For a more manageable stroll, Vallée de Mai is a delightful smaller park on the island of Praslin. The towering coco de mer palms offer respite from the sun, with their umbrella-like fronds giving shade throughout the day. Smaller reptiles and birds abound, and guides are available to reveal the creatures and plantlife in this almost prehistoric-feeling forest park. Walks are more accessible than many of the islands’ other trails, and range from one to three hours in length.

The Ocean

Almost everywhere you look across the Seychelles islands, the ocean is present. Deemed one of the finest places to dive in the world, there are many sites across the archipelago, all offering incredible visibility, abundant sealife and remarkable diving opportunities. The main islands of Praslin, Mahé and La Digue all have dive schools, giving plenty of options to diving enthusiasts. Kayaking, stand-up paddling, snorkelling and swimming are also outstanding ways to enjoy the glorious water world of Seychelles, and sailing and sunset cruises provide luxury and more relaxed oceanic exploits.

Luxury Seychelles Vacations
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Wherever you stay for your luxury Seychelles vacations, you will be blessed with an impeccable standard of accommodation. Some of the world’s leading exclusive resort brands possess venues on the Seychelles islands, and several boutique hotels provide exclusivity and premium accommodations. Contrasting in style though equal in quality, Victoria and several of the larger villages include classically French colonial venues for a touch of Old World charm and decadent opulence.

Absolute exclusivity is a little limited on Seychelles vacations, but that isn’t to suggest that you won’t find serene privacy. While you will invariably be sharing, even in the most intimate of residences, it will only be with a handful of like-minded guests, and the personal service, enclosed guest villas and private facilities allow you the sense of complete seclusion for the majority of your stay.

Private islands and remote retreats offer you a corner of the Seychelles islands untouched by tourism at large, and you will be provided your own slice of paradise without interruption. Properties are wonderfully unconventional, architecturally contemporary with spectacular yet understated flair that embraces the breathtaking scenery without impinging upon the landscapes.

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BEST TIME: Jun – Aug

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CLIMATE: LOW: 76-89ºF (24-32ºC) Year-Round

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SEASONS: DRY: Apr – Nov / WET: Dec – Mar

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BEST FOR: Watersports, honeymoons, anniversaries & a romantic conclusion to a safari itinerary

Tropical coastal life is pervasive in Seychelles and the vast majority of the reason to visit. If you’re not a fan of sand between the toes and saltwater spray, Seychelles most certainly isn’t your destination of choice. However, if you love the warm tropical atmosphere and taking a plunge, you will find far more in addition.

For a long weekend to punctuate a safari itinerary, Seychelles provides the perfect location to unwind and relax. For a more extended stay, a host of national parks, several golf courses, towns, walks and a portfolio of activities provide you with plenty of entertainment.


Between four and seven days will keep you thoroughly entertained in Seychelles, allowing time for jungle excursions, island hopping and a healthy dose of rest and relaxation. One could happily spend longer letting island time peacefully drift by, but for those who thrive on a little more activity, an extended stay could prove a little challenging.


As with many equatorial countries, Seychelles suffers a significant monsoon season of heavy rains, high winds and almost debilitating humidity. The height of monsoon occurs from December to February each year and should most certainly be avoided. Temperatures are consistent year-round, but the rainfall can be extreme. Though tradewinds can be fairly strong, with so many beaches to choose from, you can invariably find a secluded cove. The three months of June to August are certainly the best and, while some light rains occur, are for the most part drier, less humid and far more amiable.


Exquisite contemporary luxury, premium family resorts and classically colonial residences. The majority of accommodations are modern and well-appointed, with a full suite of facilities, pools, villas and even private beaches. While some will feel more akin to a resort-style communal property, others provide private, self-contained lodges and a greater sense of escapism.


Travellers don’t require a visa for Seychelles. While inoculations are minimal, we recommend that you contact your travel designer or a travel medicine specialist for vaccination advice.

With many international flights arriving from South and East Africa, we recommend combining Seychelles with a more extensive safari, although transfers through Europe are also an option.

English is widely spoken, but a grasp on French can also be helpful as the country’s leading language. French culture also influences cuisine, which is of an excellent standard. Barbecue and creole styles are highly popular and unsurprisingly, seafood features strongly on many menus. A superb standard of chefs provides not only exceptional quality but also versatility and the ability to accommodate dietary requirements with ease in many more popular venues. Local restaurants and street food, however, are heavily reliant upon meat and fish, so those who are plant-based may struggle a little in some of Seychelles’ more remote townships and villages.


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