Considered to be the cradle of civilisation, Ancient Egypt saw some of the earliest developments of writing, agriculture, technology & organised religion. A country rich in cultural heritage, Egypt transports you back in time to a world of pharaohs & fables. From the Sahara Desert to the Red Sea to the Nile River, Egypt is an explorer’s wonderland.

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activities & experiences in egypt

The more obvious attractions of a luxury Egypt vacation are just the tip of the pyramid, so to speak. Historically, there is so much to see, with temples, monuments, the sphinx and pyramids, as well as numerous museums housing artefacts several millennia old. While you will find history at every turn, you will also find wonderful hospitality and passionate culture steeped in traditional heritage.

The muezzin’s adhat, or call to prayer, echoes from minarets at dawn, souks laden with produce, spices and fine handicrafts bustle with locals and visitors alike, and the thrum of activity is intoxicating. But with the ever-encroaching desert never far away and the tranquil Red Sea and meandering Nile providing the country’s aquatic lifeblood and transport route, serenity is easily attainable at any time.

With so many iconic and stunning destinations, your list of activities and experiences on a luxury Egypt vacation is likely to be as much a list of destinations to visit. However, there are many spectacular places that provide far more than archeological intrigue. Whether you are searching for relaxation, culture or a little bit of adventure, Egypt has plenty to offer.

  • Relive an Agatha Christie novel with a luxury cruise upon the Nile
  • View history below the waves, with a shipwreck dive in the Red Sea
  • Wander the relaxed alleyways of Aswan’s Nubian villages
  • Discover Egypt’s history in depth at Cairo’s Museum of Egyptian Antiquities
  • Visit the Bohemian town of Dahab, a hub for global watersport enthusiasts
  • Learn the secrets of Karnak at a spectacular sound and light show
  • Have a seaside day in the European-style beach resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh
Mosque Sultan Hassan, Egypt vacation
Free Diving Dahab Egypt vacation

destinations in Egypt

The renown of Egypt’s most acclaimed destinations leaves little need for explanation. The Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and the fascinating city of Cairo speak for themselves, all highly recommended additions to any itinerary, but there are plenty more, less prominent locations throughout the country. It is in these lesser-known regions that you will find fewer crowds, greater intrigue and a more exclusive adventure.

Siwa Oasis

Almost 350 miles (500km) from Cairo, Siwa Oasis is often missed on most conventional tours of Egypt. Set in the country’s northwest, Siwa is a small community with wondrous sights to offer its few visitors. At the heart of the township lies the ancient Shali Gadi. Over 800 years old, it holds cultural and religious significance to the region. The town of Siwa sustains itself by mining the salt from the surrounding landscapes. This has given rise to hundreds of crystal-clear salt pools, the warm azure waters a wonderful place to cool off and relax.

Farafra & White Desert National Park

Farafra is a Bedouin outpost in the Western Desert of Egypt. Its several attractions include an ancient Roman well, hot springs, traditional Bedouin architecture and the bizarre, captivating White Desert National Park. Curved by sand storms, the park is filled with snow-white rock formations, some seemingly defying gravity, rising from the desolate, expansive landscape.


The seafront city of Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great and once home to Cleopatra, its opulent status making it a gravitational attraction for historians. The fabled Lighthouse of Alexandria shone across the waters of the Mediterranean for over a thousand years, but has long since been razed. However, the corniche and Fort Qaitbey that now stands where the lighthouse once was, are wonderful. Venture just outside the city to the underground Catacombs of Kom el-Shuqqafa, almost humorously rediscovered in 1900 after 2,000 years when a local donkey accidentally fell into them.

The Valley of the Whales

Many visitors to Egypt will have heard of the Valley of the Kings, but very few would know or visit the Valley of the Whales, or Wadi al Hitan. This fascinating UNESCO World Heritage Site is filled with the fossils of prehistoric whales and their extinct evolutionary forebears. Ancient bones are strewn across the desert floor and visitors can wander amongst these incredible remnants of prehistoric life. The desert is also home to  Egyptian wolf, red fox, Egyptian mongoose, African wildcat, and dorcas gazelle, and, at night, fennec foxes.

Abu Simbel

Despite its recognisable facade, Abu Simbel is often omitted from the Egyptian to-do list. Far up the Nile valley, where the river opens into Lake Nasser before trickling onwards to Cairo, rests Abu Simbel, carved into the solid-rock hillside a staggering 3,400 years ago. The tribute to King Ramesses II, his wife Nefertari and their children. The historic significance and awe-inspiring magnitude of Abu Simbel are profound, the seated Pharaoh simply enormous as you gaze from Ramesses’ feet to his crowned head some 65 feet (20 metres) above. Equally fascinating is the temple that lies beyond.

White Desert Sahara luxury Egypt vacation
luxury Egypt vacation

accommodations in egypt

As one could well imagine from the Land of the Pharaohs, a luxury Egypt vacation offers accommodation of exceptional, almost regal standards. However, what Egypt has in luxury, it lacks in privacy, in the sense that most accommodation is provided by hotels, rather than private residences.

Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons all have stunning hotels in Egypt, and premium-level accommodation is found in the more populous regions, particularly Cairo, from where most vacations are based. 

A Nile cruise is a wonderful way to take in many of the Nile Valley’s sites and sights on an Egypt vacation, including Abu Simbel, Luxor, the Valley of the Kings and, of course, Cairo. The five-star cruises offer all the comfort of a luxury hotel – including fully air-conditioned suites, gymnasiums, pools, private spa and much more – yet with an ever-changing horizon.

These four-to-five-day cruises provide the perfect means to journey almost the length of the Egyptian Nile in comfort and style.

Marriott Mena House, luxury Egypt vacation
Marriott Mena House Cairo, luxury Egypt vacation


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BEST TIME: Oct – Apr

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CLIMATE: LOW: 49-77ºF (10-25ºC) Dec – Mar / HIGH: 72-95ºF (22-35ºC) Jun – Aug

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SEASONS: DRY: Apr – Oct / WET: Nov – Mar

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BEST FOR: History & culture seekers, couples, families, & honeymooners

When one takes a luxury Egypt vacation, it isn’t to go on safari, have a beach holiday or hike through national parks, it is, quite simply, to visit Egypt. It is a truly fascinating destination that is unlike anywhere else in the world, but a very specific experience.

Though there is so much to do, it is a destination of expectations: the history, the ancient architecture and an adventure through the Land of the Pharaohs. It may seem obvious advice, but if temples, pyramids and ancient civilisations don’t appeal, you will have limited options for your entertainment.

That said, even those you are less intrigued do find Egypt absolutely fascinating and a very pleasant surprise.


There is so much to see in Egypt that it is worth taking your time. Without an adequate time frame, you will likely be absolutely exhausted or somewhat disappointed. Enjoying a Nile cruise, an afternoon wandering the souks of Cairo, a relaxation day and so on should all be factored in to make the most of your Egypt adventure. For this reason, at least 10-14 days is recommended to make the very most of this unique and captivating country.


With so much desert, it comes as little surprise to discover that Egypt doesn’t really have a wet season, with an annual rainfall of just 2.2 inches (55mm). However, midsummer can become stiflingly hot to the point that excursions can become unpleasantly uncomfortable. Summer runs from May to September, with the peak hot months being June to August. November, and February to April are the premium months, December and January having what little rainfall occurs (only a day or two per month) and colder temperatures, especially overnight.


Impeccable luxury, but almost always of a shared, hotel style. Service is exceptional, as are facilities and standards. Whether in the heart of Cairo or drifting down the Nile, luxury is easily achievable almost to the point of being unavoidable. There are less exclusive options, but for the most part Egyptian accommodation is fit for a Pharaoh!


Visas are required to visit Egypt, but can be obtained at Egyptian international airports. We recommend that you contact your travel designer or a travel medicine specialist for vaccination advice.

Arriving internationally into Egypt is easy and convenient, but internal travel is limited. Some private charters are available, but for the most part, private vehicles will transport you by road. This makes the notion of a Nile cruise particularly appealing and beneficial. 

Egypt has a proud and pervasive Arabic culture. Though all signs, menus and so on are written in Arabic, the country also caters well to its English-speaking visitors, and the many things are written in both languages. The hospitality industry has a strong emphasis on English-speaking staff, in hotels, attractions and major transport, so you will rarely run into communication issues.

Egyptian culinary offerings range from world-class, through conveniently Western to exotically adventurous! Food bursts with flavour and spice, and ingredients can be wonderfully delicious, highly creative and occasionally just a little disturbing. However, for the greater part, Egyptian cuisine shares similarities with Greek, Turkish and Arabic dishes, and is both fantastically flavoursome and accessible for all. Hotels frequently offer a high standard of modern fusion cuisine, and every dietary need is adequately catered to.


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