High in the Himalayas & sandwiched between China & India, Nepal is a combination of both, yet distinctly unlike either. The home of red pandas, Mount Everest &, if myth is to be believed, the yeti, Nepal is the gateway to the Himalayas. But rather than merely the passage to the world’s highest peak, it offers a great deal more than mountain climbing alone.

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Though predominantly Hindu, Nepal is said to be the birthplace of the Buddha and this mix of beliefs creates a rich melting pot of culture. Cut off from the rest of the world, it has developed independently and, while nuances of other nationalities can be found, it is this isolated uniqueness that makes Nepal so charming.

The omnipresence of Everest – or Sagarmatha in Nepali – and its surrounding sisters never lets you forget that you are high in the Himalayas, even if the high altitude allows you to. But, though magnificent, the mountains are only one aspect of a Nepalese journey, and jungle safaris, fascinating towns and stunning scenery open up a wealth of adventure and intrigue to visitors. Tigers, sloth bears and much more will all offer the wildlife enthusiasts plenty to search for.

  • Take a helicopter flight over the world’s highest peak
  • Mountain bike through spectacular valleys & foothills
  • Visit ‘old Nepal’ in the ancient winding streets of Bhaktapur
  • Take a safari through forested valleys & jungles
  • Discover culture & tradition with a Nepali festival
  • Trek through the lower slopes of the Himalaya
  • Visit Lumbini, thought to be the birthplace of the Buddha
  • Shop for artisanal local crafts & artwork
Trekking In Nepal
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While one rather large and lofty Nepal landmark is well known by almost everyone in the world, Nepal is most certainly not all about Everest and is incredibly diverse in both its landscapes and towns are filled with fascinating destinations. From the capital of Kathmandu to high glacial lakes and forested lowland national parks, the country presents a surprising array of locations to explore and enjoy.


Before departing the capital, it is worth taking a day or so to explore the city of Katmandu and acclimate to the altitude in more contemporary comfort. A large, bustling city, from your modern hotel you will be able to explore fascinating bazaars, Hindu temples and Buddhist stupas. Particularly worth visiting are the Monkey Temple of Swayambhu (complete with real monkeys) for incredible panoramas of the city below, and the old city of Bhaktapur, the original capital and dating back over 800 years.

Chitwan National Park

One of two main national parks in Nepal, Chitwan is the smaller, a third of the size of Bardia, its larger neighbour, but this makes it in no way inferior. In fact, its reduced proportions make wildlife spotting that bit easier, and it is possible to see rhino, crocodile, monkeys, deer and, with a wisp of luck and an expert guide, even the elusive Bengal tigers resident to the the park.

Sagarmatha & Langtang

Though their numbers are still declining, incredible conservation work is being done in Nepal – and in China and India – to protect and save the red panda. These absolutely adorable creatures can be found in Sagarmatha and Langtang National Parks, and expert guides will give you the very best chance of finding them. The guides themselves are also conservationists, and work with the Red Panda Network to help track, monitor and preserve these loveable animals.

The Gokyo Lakes

There is no denying the impressive edifice of Everest, and any journey to Nepal simply must include a sightseeing tour. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to simply stroll up the side and take a look around, but from Tonak Lake – the largest of the six Gokyo lakes – you can enjoy a spectacular view that even Sir Edmund Hilary would have been impressed by. This vibrant blud glacial lakes in the Dudh Koshi Valley are the world’s highest freshwater lakes. Though the trek to the lakes takes around two weeks, you can board a helicopter to take you most of the way – and even visit Everest Base Camp – though some moderate hiking is still required.

Phobjikha Valley

More easily accessible than the Gokyo Lakes, Phewa is a popular destination for both locals and visitors due to its calm waters, wonderful boating an impeccable, almost mirror-like reflections to the surrounding mountains, in particular, Machhapuchhre, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. No hiking necessary, a relaxing sojourn to Phewa is an essential part of a Nepali itinerary. On a small island at its centre lies Tal Barahi Temple, where tourists can visit and discover another perspective of the Nepali culture.

Rhino In Nepal

accommodations in nepal

Kathmandu is very much an international city. While there are still large areas of it that are more traditional, tourism as initiated the development of contemporary hotels and you are able to stay in premium accommodations. Once you depart the capital, cabins and lodges are the only option. People visit Nepal for the experience and the scenery, not the luxury and, while we have carefully selected the best properties available, one must expect a more rustic style of accommodation.

These cabins and lodges are perfectly adequate, comfortable and pleasant, but by no means luxurious. Some accommodations, however, such as Dwarika’s Resort about two hours outside of Kathmandu, provide luxurious private villas and heated infinity pools overlooking the majestic Himalaya beyond. Dwarika’s Resort has a keen focus on wellness, and yoga, spa treatments and much more are also available in this simply breathtaking setting.

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Dwarika's Retreat, Nepal


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CLIMATE: LOW: 23-65ºF (-5-19ºC) Nov – Mar / HIGH: 55-79ºF (13-26ºC) Jun – Aug

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SEASONS: Summer (Wet): Jun-Sep / Winter (Cold): Nov-Mar

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International flights will transfer through some European, Middle Eastern and Asian airports and visas are required for most visitors. These will need to be arranged in advance of your trip. Allow at least four weeks. Some inoculations may be required and it is always advisable to consult your medical travel specialist for details.


Nepal has a diverse array of experiences. Some might only wish to venture into the mountains, but we highly recommend taking at least one week to discover all this wonderful Himalayan destination has to offer.

This depends upon exactly what you wish to experience. The snows of winter are simply spectacular, though the mercury does plummet. This is also the best time for mountaineers to ascend Everest, so it can be a little busy, though they tend to check in at Base Camp soon after arrival. The summer months are warmer, far more amiable and, when not raining, can be very pleasant.

We generally suggest September to November to be the better months, particularly if you wish to experience the first snowfalls of winter, which is simply magical. However, January, February and March are beginning to warm without suffering too much of high summer’s monsoonal rains, though the snow is rapidly diminishing at this time.


The capital of Kathmandu has some exceptional accommodation options, though as you venture further afield, options diminish along with the standard. Depending on where you go, you may find yourself in perfectly pleasant though slightly rustic lodges.

There are a handful of retreats in the lesser populated areas of Nepal, and it is to these that we invariably take our guests, enjoying a comfortable, even indulgent base camp from which to venture out into the Himalayan foothills.


Nepal may seem like an exotic and remote destination, but it is a highly amenable destination, with excellent staff, superb guides, and organised – if slightly rustic – infrastructure. English is widely spoken, so there’s no need to brush up on your Nepali, and the hospitality industry is surprisingly well established.

Food is a combination of local dishes with a hint of Indian influence and Western cuisine to cater to visitors. Nepali food is hearty and delicious, quite heavily meat-based, though with options to suit most dietary requirements. 

If you are planning any mountainous adventures, even into the lower foothills of the Himalaya, specialised equipment, particularly thermal and insulated apparel and sturdy boots, may be required. Your Travel Designer will be able to provide advice when planning your itinerary.


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