We have been in the bush on our family safari for just 24 hours and it feels like days, but in a good way. Wow we love Kwandwe, this place is just stunning!  Today we saw lion, cheetah, rhino (this is rhino haven), impala, eland, wildebeest and so much more, even a wonderful old leopard tortoise.

The girls have done a ton. My little one turned to me and said “mommy I love Africa, can we move here”! They spent the afternoon after our wonderful game drive baking pizza with the chef, painting, playing hide and seek around the lodge and swimming.

Meals have been incredible. Staff and rangers are so warm, friendly and have taught us so much. Within our short time here we even had a stargazing lesson.

What a wonderful start to our trip. I am having a hard time getting my photos downloaded so as soon as I figure that out lots to follow….

Tomorrow we are off to Lalibela. More good times to report on tomorrow. Nite x

Leora & Family

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