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Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Storm was always connected to the wild landscapes of Africa.

Entering her teenage years, her growing love of the natural world combined with the tourism industry, and her young adulthood found her employed at the greatest landmark of her home nation, Victoria Falls.

From a whitewater rafting company at the falls, she changed employment and entered the safari industry, running overland safaris throughout Eastern and Southern Africa. 

As a new mother, Storm migrated with her husband to New Zealand for several years where she worked at the Department of Conservation, before returning to Africa, this time to the abundant plains and waterways of Botswana. It was here that she began her life as a Travel Designer. Having assisted guests to experience aspects of Africa for so many years, and with a profound love and respect of the natural environments, she was now able to share her passion and knowledge with a host of international clients.

Her position afforded her the opportunity to witness conservation efforts in Botswana first hand, joining organisations on rhino relocations among other projects, while also continuing to travel extensively across the continent. After her many years exploring and understanding Africa, its nature, its experiences and its safaris, she is impeccably positioned to provide first-hand knowledge to our clients.

Why Rothschild Safaris? It was my ultimate privilege to bring up my children in the amazing free and wild environment of Botswana, creating respect for the bush, the animals and conservation and the importance of understanding and respecting different cultures. Joining a company that aligns so perfectly with these principles, and being able to then share them with clients, is truly exceptional.