Aimee Inca Trail Copy

The passion for travel is instilled in youth. 

For Aimee Olson, that passion emerged at the age of 16, when she left home shores on a solo summer traveling throughout France, living with a French family, and experiencing a different culture far beyond the tourist attractions.  

From that moment, travel became as integral to her life as education and relationships, unfettering her from the tedium of her small Midwest home town and laying the world at her feet. 

Aimee completed high school intent on intertwining her career path with her wanderlust, beginning as a travel agent where she spent the following 15 years traveling, working corporate travel onsite for several large companies and specialising in international travel itineraries. 

With a young family and husband in the military, she placed her travel career on hiatus, her wanderings instead taking her across the country as his military role dictates. But her passport is never far from her grasp and, with numerous countries now stamped indelibly into its pages, she has a diverse experience of cultures and nations including China, Morocco, Brazil, Peru, Tanzania, South Africa, Iceland and Australia.

The culture aspect is a prerequisite of Aimee’s travel decisions, as is her love of physical activity. Rather than relaxing on a beach or taking a motorised game drive, you are more likely to find her summiting Mount Kilimanjaro or taking to the Inca Trail on foot to reach Machu Picchu as its builders and residents had many centuries before.

For Aimee, there is always an adventure waiting to be had just beyond her front door.

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