Amira New

Travel has been etched in Amira’s soul

From a young age a family with a fervent wanderlust instilled in her a love for exploration. Growing up in the Caribbean, the allure of pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters was a daily reminder of the beauty that lies beyond the horizon. This upbringing cultivated a deep-seated passion for discovering the world’s hidden gems.

With a well-traveled footprint that spans almost all the Caribbean islands, the lush landscapes of Costa Rica, the cultural tapestry of Thailand, and the captivating scenery of Hawaii, Amira has personally experienced the enchantment of the world’s most sought-after destinations. This first-hand knowledge allows us to curate journeys that go beyond the ordinary, offering clients a glimpse of what makes each place truly extraordinary.

But Amira’s love for travel goes beyond the palm-fringed shores and bustling markets. An initial pursuit of marine biology in college only deepened the connection to the natural world. The underwater wonders explored through academic studies ignited a passion for conservation, leading to a life dedicated to understanding and preserving our planet’s breathtaking biodiversity. With this unique blend of experiences, Amira has become a bridge between the curious traveler and the captivating world of luxury exploration.