Angie New

Angie was fortunate to grow up in the cultural melting pot of Johannesburg and throughout her childhood visit the places that we all want to see in South Africa.  On family holidays she reveled in escaping the city life and stepping into nature as she played amongst the boulders in the shadow of Cathedral Peak in the Drakensburg Mountains. Ahead of the curve, she would amble about Simonstown, Boulders Bay, and Camps Bay in Cape Town before they were the trendy neighborhoods they are today.

Angie’s love for wild animals and their environments was cemented as she climbed mountains, played on quad bikes and had her first driving lessons on a friend’s farm. Her family often hosted exchange students from far-flung countries like Brazil and Finland, and this inspired Angie to live in Sweden as an exchange student herself.

It seemed inevitable that Angie would study Travel & Tourism in Johannesburg, land a job at a prominent safari company and spend years expanding her safari knowledge and trip planning skills. When she embarked on a new adventure, moving her young family to Australia, she was a natural fit for Rothschild Safaris…lucky for us!

Our office couldn’t function without her keen organizational skills and calm delegation of responsibilities! Her new hometown on the Sunshine Coast makes her feel like she’s on holiday all the time and these days you can find her grabbing some sushi or a good glass of wine with her friends and family.

Angie says:

  • My current passion is playing on the beach with my boys. The spirit of exploration, even in our adopted country, is ever-present.
  • I have wandered to…South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique, Seychelles, Indonesia, Germany, Greece, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Sweden.
  • These places inspire me… Most definitely the culture and people I have met in Zambia and Zimbabwe have made an impact on me. I admire how they embrace their roots and traditions while living in modern Africa. I strive to mimic the simplicity of the way they live and their joyful and positive approach to life.
  • Memorable moments… Two distinct experiences at odds with each other stand out in my mind. The absolute thrill and insanity of bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge—how freeing it felt to fall and how exhilarating it was to gently bob there as I caught my breath at the bottom of the gorge. The other is the extreme serenity of hot air ballooning over the Eastern Cape in South Africa. It was an utterly gorgeous scene below and the quiet floating is unlike anything I ever experienced; a thrill quite different from bungee jumping!
  • Why Rothschild Safaris?… I love working with passionate people from all walks of life on this team. I have been given opportunities to grow and learn while being a part of the puzzle that comes together in creating amazing memories for our travelers.