All that we share with our clients, we have first experienced ourselves. 

Charlene’s first venture into the travel industry was when working for an aviation company in South Africa. Marrying her husband in 2012, she moved to Botswana, managing a property in the Okavango Delta before becoming a booking agent for safari travel.

Though Botswana will always hold a special place in her heart – what she deems one of the world’s few destinations that remain untouched by the hand of mankind – A truly unforgettable experience came on a visit to Rwanda. Four months pregnant with her first child, Charlene trekked through Volcanoes National Park to meet the resident mountain gorillas. Spending time with these majestic creatures gave her a true sense of the overwhelming need for conservation, something that she continues to advocate through her work in African tourism.

Now a mother, few things are as rewarding for Charlene as sharing these wild places with the next generation, especially when sleeping under a star-filled sky on the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans of Botswana.

Why Rothschild Safaris?   It’s all about the guests – we go the extra mile, ensuring all needs are met. I couldn’t ask for a better company to work for: our team work is amazing and there is always support. When it all comes together, the best feeling is to be able to produce the best trips for all guests. It means a lot to me to be able to work with the Rothschild Safaris Team and I am so happy to be with them!