Meaghan Richards Bio Photo

From her very first steps, Meaghan held a profound desire to continually explore and grow.

Her childhood was a continual ebb and flow of changing horizons, filled with adventure as her family relocated frequently due to her parents’ military career.

A youth spent in Europe gave her a unique education, and subsequent years saw her call more than a few of the 52 states ‘home’. This modern-day nomadic existence instilled in her a love and respect for different cultures and a thirst for geographic freedom.

An active lifestyle, reinforced by an early career in athletic training, was an ideal complement to her wanderlust, combining new adventures with hiking, skiing, horseback riding and much more. From dune surfing the sand waves of the Sahara Desert to her most recent trip on a South African safari and summiting Cape Town’s Lion’s Head, activity is integral to Meaghan’s every adventure.

However, adrenalin is not the only quarry on her global travels, and the culture of European cities, Moroccan souks and African tribes are as intoxicating to our newest client manager as is the pursuit of high-mountain thrills.

All this is unified in Meaghan’s continual quest to share her worldly knowledge and passion for travel with our clients.

Why Rothschild Safaris? I am thrilled to begin this journey with Rothschild Safaris because of how closely aligned our values are; a company who values its employees and holds each other accountable as a means to deliver the best experience to our clients.