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Rachel’s pervasive wanderlust began at a young age, taking her first ventures overseas while in high school near Denver, Colorado. 

Continually adding to her passport’s growing collection of stamps and smudges, she has visited 20 countries on five of the world’s seven continents. A childhood spent in the mountains and wilderness of Colorado instilled Rachel with a love of outdoor pursuits, including rafting, fishing, skiing, camping, hiking and more. This passion reflects throughout her work and has shaped both her educational and career journeys.

Enrolling in the University of Oregon, Rachel reaffirmed her lifelong global mindset, completing a degree in International Studies. This world-wide wisdom permeates everything she does, from her continued personal travels to her abilities to provide clients with an acute insight into global travel.

She united her earlier education with her love of travel, studying in Copenhagen, Denmark for a season before venturing to the Dominican Republic, where she resided for several months after completing university.

While luxury travel is always an absolute pleasure, Rachel thrives in the challenge and excitement of discovering and exploring locations far from the beaten track, always adventuring beyond the crowds and guidebooks to uncover the hidden secrets and local cultures of each and every destination she visits.

Now living in Bozeman, Montana, the natural world is still on her doorstep and her sense of adventure – along with her future travel plans – are never far from her mind. 

Why Rothschild Safaris? Every person has so much knowledge about safaris and is so supportive with one another. It is so inspiring to work with such an amazing team.