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US: 800-405-9463
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Each Rothschild Safaris trip is fully customized just for you, around your travel dates and where you wish to travel, making every journey unique. We design extraordinary journeys for honeymooners, families, small groups or individuals and we have been doing so for close to three decades. It is our insatiable knowledge and passion for what we do that inspires travelers to repeatedly choose Rothschild Safaris to plan their unique journeys!

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Make your first trip to Africa or Beyond truly memorable

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Let an African show you Africa. Many of us have first-hand experience of living and working in the bush. We focus first and foremost on the wildlife viewing then the accommodations.

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Our team has led tours around the globe and shares with you a wealth of travel experiences. Connected to a network of fascinating people around the world, we share our little tips and insider experiences with you.

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Our valuable insights into the travel industry, what’s new, latest trends and what’s happening.

Planning to pop the question on your next travels? Great idea. When you are traveling together, you are trying new activities, sharing new experiences, and building memories that will last long into your potential marriage. As a side bonus, many…
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Post by Kimi Christopulos. Working in the travel industry, I’m surrounded by amazing destinations and experiences from the most far-reaching corners of the earth. I plan honeymoons and extraordinary journeys for savvy couples for a living. From romantic proposals to…
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I’m getting married next summer! While there is a flurry of activity around the wedding, when you work in travel, the main question that you get is “where will the honeymoon be?” As much as both my fiancé and I…
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