Many people celebrate life’s milestones by going on safari. Birthdays, graduations, and honeymoons are all celebrated and honored on safaris. Sometimes, people start new chapters in their lives by romantically proposing to the love of their life during a safari trip.

Amid all that celebration and all the things that make a safari special, one of the most intimate and exciting things you can do is embark on a family safari.

There is something magical about watching your children come nose to trunk with an elephant for the very first time, or watching them learn how to shoot a bow with a Maasai warrior. Your entire family can float above the wildlife in a hot-air balloon, or you can take a cultural tour where your children can meet people their own age and see how they live and play.


After a long day of adventures, your children can play by a pool, enjoy crafts, or even go on a special frogging safari, where they don gumboots and search for frogs. Meanwhile, mom and dad (or grandma and grandpa!) can enjoy a relaxing sundowner.

One of the best parts about taking a family safari is the quiet that is involved. Out in the bush, you are not competing for attention with cell phones and laptops and tablets. You can enjoy unhurried, quality time together.


While you are “unplugged” from the world, you get to share all the excitement of the bush, as you discover leopards and lions and more together. Your entire family will always get to cherish the memories of your new discoveries, and you are sure to talk about it for years to come. Safaris are truly special; and a safari with your family is a true treasure.