It is no secret that there is something magical about sharing a safari with your children (or grandchildren!). Seeing wildlife as it is meant to be seen, spending your days together making new discoveries, watching your child’s face light up at their first sighting of a lion or a leopard… it is difficult to beat a good safari for spending family time together. We are experts at planning family safaris, and we’ve compiled a list of suggestions to make your magical journey with your family even more memorable.


  1. Include camps that offer boating, walking or activities in addition to game drives
  2. Check minimum ages at the camps you will be visiting.
  3. Visit fewer places, but spend more time at each one.
  4. Think about places with a cultural element; children often enjoy meeting people their own age in a local village or shooting bow and arrows with the Maasai!
  5. Be sure to get a private vehicle- that way you can adjust your game drives to suit the attention spans of you children.
  6. Pools are a great way for children to be active and burn off energy in between game drives.
  7. Bring coloring books, books, and movies to make the flights to and from Africa go faster for your children.

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