The Singing Wells: Kenya’s northern frontier – the Mathews Range holds a very special tradition of the Samburu people where they get to bring their livestock to water in semi-desert environment. Every morning the Samburu families take their family herd of cattle to the singing wells where they dig for water to fill up the troughs to water their cows and goats. Each family owns one well and they sing to their livestock as they bring water up and the cows recognize their family song and come down to their well to be watered. Amidst the light, color, dust, bells, singing and naked Samburu, the scene is almost biblical in that it has remained unchanged for centuries. A very rare and unique thing to see, the wells are not commercialized. No photos are allowed you simply get a unique insight into what life of the Samburu is all about.

Authentic Masai Village: Spending time in an authentic Masai village can be a rewarding experience for your family.  Enter their homes, watch the ladies prepare their meals and the men go about their daily chores including brewing their beer. We like to get you up early to get into the village to experience the village early morning such as milking the cows, there is nothing commercialized about this experience!


Volunteer at a local community – enjoy time with children helping them learn, visit the medical clinic to chat with the local doctor, and help in the veggie garden.

Artist programs – we have special artists on hand to spend anything from a few hours to a day with your family, showing you African style painting techniques to a full day of pure art indulgence in the heart of Tanzania.

A walk with traditional Bushmen, experiencing the bush with bushmen gets no better, they will teach you all about the various plants and their medicinal values, and if you wish they can even show you how they hunt.

Olpul Ceremony: this is where you get to watch a goat/sheep being slaughtered and then cooked over a fire (depending how much you wish to get involved we can have you join the event after this has taken place). The offal is made into a pungent soup using herbs, roots, and bark. A Maasai elder explains what is happening and how the soup is made. You get to interact with locals on a level not many travelers get to experience, watching them engage in a ceremony, including lots of dancing around the fire.

More amazing cultural experiences for your family safari include spending time with the Himba of Namibia, the Pygmies of Uganda, the Zulus of South Africa…

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