Why don't we all live in perfect surroundings already?

If your home isn’t the dreamiest of spaces you will most likely have a good answer to explain why.

~ Some of us simply do not have the time to carefully plan, shop and curate our homes.

~ Some of us choose not to have the time for interior design because other hobbies are more important to us personally.

~ There are many people who do not have the special knack for putting things together (or apart) in that particularly wonderful way that is both pleasing and restful but also exciting and stimulating.

~ Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder but sometimes we don’t know what we really adore… or we love too many things and all our things do not love each other.

~ And then there is my particular problem: marriage! Honestly? My next husband will be chosen purely on the basis of having no opinions whatsoever. As it is, in my home, there is a never-ending war of design. Everything I love he detests… and unfortunately, he has no taste whatsoever (more about this later).

~ But the number one excuse for your home not being worthy of a Home & Gardens appearance, however, is the fact that most of us consider an interior designer an unnecessary and expensive indulgence.

When we travel away we fall into the beautiful design of Safari properties and the dream spaces that were created to help us relax and reload our batteries.

Leora Rothschild would like everyone to have a bit more of that dream space when we return to our homes.

As an Award Winning Travel Designer Leora has always been very aware of the incredible advantages that expert knowledge can bring to a Safari. She appreciates the value of a specialist. As an Award Winning Travel Designer who is in the office every day, she runs a team of elite professionals located around the world and is frequently on the road. Leora, therefore, does not have the time to invest in curating the aesthetics of her home.

To solve her problem she found herself following a recommendation and employing Monica Kohler from Renovation Angel to help her furnish and style her Noosa home.

about Monica

Monica started a clothing sales business from her home when her children were small. Whenever people arrived to pick up their purchases they would fawn over Monica’s impeccably styled house.

Very regularly, someone who saw her home would tell her to become an Interior Designer and so, when her baby went to kindergarten, Monica also went back to school where she signed up to study Interior Design.

The rest, as the saying goes, is now a very successful business, with Monica’s referrals from the work she does keeping her busy full time.

There are many differences between
Interior Designers and Interior Decorators.

The Interior Designer is qualified to draw internal improvements. The occupation actually overlaps more with that of the Architect:

We asked Monica to tell us more about her work.

RS: What is your biggest problem at work?

MK: Educating clients to understand the correlation between their budget and their expectations. With Social Media, Pinterest and Houzz etc people might have ideas that they don’t have a budget for or they may run the risk of overcapitalizing.

Achieving the look you want within the budget you have.

RIVER HOUSE. Interior Design: Monica Kohler Architect: Tim Ditchfield

RS: How do you know if your Designer is the right one for you?

MK: You will know within the first 5 minutes if you click with the Designer. Trust your gut and know that you need to be able to communicate freely and easily if you want the project to be a success.



RS: Is it really affordable to hire an Interior Designer?

MK: If you simply ran out and furnished your house it will cost you more than when you hire an Interior Designer because the Designer will pass on their trade discounts and often the design fees are taken care within the furnishings through these discounts.

RS: What do you consider the best reason for hiring an Interior Designer?

MK: A beautiful home that is completely styled and exactly what you want… filled with the things you love but put together in a way that tells the correct story.

RS: What do you do if you have to work with a couple like my husband and me (who disagree about everything)?

MK: I actually was hired by a husband and wife who engaged me as an arbitrator and go-between due to their stylistic differences. They would each make their case and leave the final decision to me.

This is genius! I think Monica has just solved all my design problems with this plan… Here I was thinking all along that I needed a new husband when really I only need an Interior Design Referee.


Aside from my personal problems being solved I admit it was a complete revelation to find that an Interior Designer will SAVE you money. And guarantee that you will never to go over your budget.

Leora loved Monica’s work and even though she originally employed her due to a lack of time, she was very surprised when it cost much less than she had expected…


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