Rothschild Safaris designs every trip following extensive and close consultation.

We discern not only what our guests dream about but our Travel Designers are particularly good at adding a sprinkling of perfect experiences, that no one else knows about, to every itinerary.

We also understand that our guests place a particular premium on not missing out on the top encounters and activities when they travel across the world to a destination.

Do Not Miss These Experiences in Uganda

This landlocked country in East Africa offers a range of experiences set against the most extraordinary backdrop. The diverse landscape ranges from the mystical Rwenzori Mountains to the languid Lake Victoria. The wildlife encompasses many exotic birds and primates and there are waterfalls and volcanoes and a jungle that is styled as an impenetrable forest.

Tick a couple of ‘limited experience’ boxes

In Uganda, you can straddle the equator AND you may discover the origin of the Nile. These experiences can’t be had in tandem anywhere else on earth. You can also stay at the highest lodge in Uganda for some of the best views on earth.

Take to the Road

Rothschild Safaris have secured incredible vehicles for our clients – taking a road trip or transfer is a pleasure and one of the best ways to truly immerse yourself in this stunning country. We also have fabulous picnic spots along the way… and plenty of opportunities to buy souvenirs.

Push yourself to Extreme

Uganda has bungee jumping, mountain biking, kayaking, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and quad-biking to delight the adventurous.

See all the Wildlife

Snapshots of your safari in Uganda may include the rhinos of Ziwa, the tree-climbing lions of Queen Elizabeth National Park, trekking to see Mountain gorillas of Bwindi National Park, the chimpanzees in Kibale and Golden monkeys in Mgahinga. Don’t forget the giraffes of Murchison Falls and the exotic birds throughout the country. Game driving with lion researchers is also a must!

Unique Primate Experiences

Instead of the usual Gorilla Trek… why not go on a Gorilla Habituation instead? One of the most incredible wildlife experiences in the world it puts you in the privileged position of training gorilla families to become used to humans. You will have up to four hours to spend with the family (and will learn a lot more about every personality + more opportunities for incredible imagery). The experience is only available in Uganda.

You can also do a Chimp Habituation trek which lasts an entire day (the regular trek is only 4 hours).

Visit the largest Lake in Africa

At Lake Victoria, the activities never end… you may choose to fish, or engage in water sports, boat cruises, picnics, birdwatching, cultural walks through local villages, and hiking trails that lead to ancient rock art sites. If you are adventurous you may also visit the Ssese Islands.

Cruise the Nile

Our Rothschild Safaris private Nile Cruise will take you close to Nile Crocodile, many birds, and scenery that will live in your mind forever. Hike up to Murchison Falls at the end of your cruise — the falls are most impressive at the top where you get a full sense of how much water flows through the tiny space — and your guide will await you at the top to drive you home.

Immerse yourself in Culture

The traditional culture of Uganda can be experienced at the Nedere Center and you can also tour the Kasubi Tombs if you find royalty fascinating. Touring the Owino Market of Kampala will provide you with a unique insight into the socio-economics of the country.

If you are staying near Buhoma do visit the “Ride 4 a Women” charity where you can contribute to equality and stability while enjoying superb shopping!

Stay inside a safari

We have discovered properties in Uganda that will allow you to feel like you are on safari… even in your bedroom! At Murchison Falls National Park the bedrooms have screens allowing the views and the sounds in.


What to eat in Uganda? We love the incredible fresh fruits including plantains, eating roasted meat on sticks, and of course, you should try a ‘rolex’ which is fried bread wrapped around an omelet with vegetables. Request one of the Rothschild Safaris private lunch experiences to learn about Ugandan tradition and elevate your entire safari. We have also discovered properties that make their own cheese and offer amazing cheese tastings.

Do Not Miss These Experiences in Rwanda

Rwanda boasts varied ecosystems, abundant wildlife, and national parks. Incredibly clean, tidy and organized, the country has moved past its terrible past and the nation’s resiliency is palpable. Here’s a sampling of unique experiences to enjoy in Rwanda.

Summit a Volcano

The dormant or extinct volcanic peaks of Bisoke, Sabinyo, Gahinga, Muhabura, and Karisimbi all tantalize hikers to indulge in a day (or a couple of days) trek to their summit.

Visit the Most Famous Residents

More than half of the world’s gorilla population resides in the Virunga Mountain Range that is shared between Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Rwandan gorilla trek is magnificent – and every activity contributes to conservation.

Unique Gorilla Experiences

Join in the beautiful gorilla baby naming celebration — Kwita Izina — that takes place once a year in Rwanda. Modeled on a centuries-old Rwandan cultural tradition it was adopted for the mountain gorilla in 2005 to foster awareness of conservation efforts. The ceremony names the baby gorillas born in the Volcanoes Biosphere Reserve in Rwanda during the last year.

Visit the Diane Fossey Map room when you stay in Virunga.

Make Time for Tea

Becoming increasingly famous for its coffee and tea; it is possible to visit a Rwandan coffee washing station and learn about the ‘bean-to-cup’ process or stop at a tea plantation to find yourself transported to another time.

Combine Adventure and Culture

Kayaking Lake Kivu at sunrise or sunset with singing fishermen is magical and the Intore dancers will send you off on your gorilla trek. If you have a head for heights, a canopy walk will take you 197 feet (60 m) above the earth. The markets, art galleries and walks of Kigali are also fascinating.


There is a Rwandan rite of passage that involves eating giant grilled fish stuffed with onions and spices. Try the Rwandan version of brochettes, enjoy a sweet mandazi, chew on some sugar cane, and do add a little ugali and g-nut sauce to your meal. For the more adventurous there is always the (very) fishy Dagaa/Sambaza.

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