I recently returned from an amazing 12-day overland trip through Uganda.

Since I am spoiled by going on safari at least once a year, I suffer the terrible burden of not being easily surprised. But Uganda sure surprised me!!

To me, Uganda was one of the prettiest countries in Africa I had ever been to. The landscape and rolling hills and Crater Lakes with beautiful views from most properties is a sight to behold.

These are the places I explored and a snippet about my experiences:

Murchison Falls National Park

The Park is a must for any waterfall enthusiast — Murchison Falls is no Victoria Falls but the sheer volume of water that passes through a very narrow opening is a wonder in itself. For me the highlight of this area was doing a Delta boat safari on the Nile – the birding was spectacular.

Kibale Forest

The chimpanzee trekking was an amazing experience. The trek itself is not intimidating and the walk through the forest beautiful. You will certainly hear the chimps before you see them as they are a very vocal bunch. A fantastic not-to-miss experience!

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Not only does Uganda have amazing primate experiences, but it also offers the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Safari. Tracking lion with a local scientist/conservationist was the highlight here!

Bwindi National Park

If you have been put off the gorilla trekking because you are not sure that you will be fit enough to do it, I say you will be surprised by what your body is capable of once your mind has decided it is doing it. Being that close to the gorillas was truly an incredible and unforgettable experience but my personal victory was conquering a rather grueling trek!!

Uganda and its people and places have crept deep into my heart…

Isn’t it always a splendid revelation when one finds a new love!?!?!

Images © Pam Langhoff