The Indian Ocean coast of Africa experiences significant daily tides. These tides can vary throughout the day and also throughout the year.

From March through May, the difference between high and low tide can be over four meters. The difference in tidal conditions tends to be lower the rest of the year, with sometimes only one meter between high and low tide.

At high tide along the Indian Ocean coastline you can expect nice sandy beaches. Corals become visible as the water recedes for low tide. This adds a fun dynamic to the landscape as you can explore further out into the ocean during certain times of the day, and also adds variety to the view and beaches throughout the day.


Zanzibar’s only “non-tidalZuri Zanzibar” beach is called Kendwa beach, near Nungwi on the northern tip of the island. We’re thrilled to announce that a new, designer hotel is being built here, with an expected opening in May 2018. From this new hotel, you will be able to swim all day with uninterrupted views of the amazing Indian Ocean.



The accommodations are modern and fresh but with a truly warm, authentic African feel. There will be 55 rooms with a mix of standalone bungalows, suites, villas and a spectacular presidential villa.

Zuri 3 Bedroom Villa Zanzibar

The stunning infinity pool overlooks the private beach with a fabulous beach bar. And for ultimate relaxation, there is a Wellness Sanctuary, a lush private spice garden to explore and of course the non-tidal pristine beach.

Romantic Dinner At Zuri Zanzibar

We love projects in Africa that offer a new and desirable experience while committing to sustainability and staying true to sense of place … and Zuri is a wonderful example of such a project! Please contact us today for more information on this new hotel and we can start customizing your Zanzibar experience!